Hydraulic clutch

I have a Slave Cylinder ( albeit Red ) came in the same box, didnt fit in the Box very well, havent fitted to my Bike, just remembered how much I dont like Brake Fluid :( .
More interesting will be the Front Brake Master Cylinder, Radial is better apparently, force applied should be less for same work if the Piston is the same size.
More interesting will be the Front Brake Master Cylinder, Radial is better apparently, force applied should be less for same work if the Piston is the same size.
for that you'll have to talk to Sasa as he purchased that part from me. I dont see why I should change a perfectly working front brake (I have the 650cc floating version installed, not the stock version)
"if they are not Fake"
Ok, stuff arrived today, the package contains 2 components, the actual hydraulic part that connects to he clutch arm from - some obscure company called "Garri's" which has only a very low key site on facebook (likely sits in Malaysia) and a much bigger parcel with all the rest from an even more obscure company "HEAD AND HEART TECHNOLOGY AND PASSION" which also sells Brembo calipers - if they are not fake there seems some legitimacy there but also: no website and very bad fb page.

Stuff looks solid though on first inspection. Unfortunately next week is a nexus in time where a whole bunch of stuff is scheduled to go down that needs my attention so mounting this treasure will likely not before Friday or even later.

Got to presume they are at that price, nice name H and H T and P :cool: Should try buying a caliper from them?
the mech finally got around installing the hydraulic clutch. it needed some special jugaard as the oem handle also has the mirror screwed into it. but as most of the time he managed with some quite smart usage of parts available.

unfortunately this clutch has no future with me, the hand force is about 100% MORE so i have to ask, why bother? what is this contraption good for? planing to ask ONX that too.
How about Travel? there should be a trade off between travel and force required.
Sounds like the Master Cylinder is to large in Diameter.
Can't wait for the answer from the supplier šŸ˜
few pics


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Master Cylinder diameter?
Master Cylinder diameter?
please d/l the picture and use photoshop or any other editing software to show me what exactly you want me to measure.
Its not a "cylinder" in the strict sense with only one diameter.
should be written on the Grey housing that the lever is attached to
The " Proclaimed" benifit of the style is that you get something for free ie it's an easier Clutch because your pulling the Lever and the Master Cylinder/Pump " Radialy" instead of the other way that you have pulled it in the past.
Likewise on the Brake it is proclaimed to better feel etc.

Physics is probably the culprit because it's all to do with the Piston diameter, think Bottle Jack, little piston moved many times and Truck goes up, unfortunately we have just 1 stroke to make it happen so it has to be the Right Size, yours apparently is not.
Radial or not, how about the Adjustment, even that supposedly has advantages.
I found your problem with the Hydraulic Clutch:)
Your Slave is 12.7mm and I am pretty sure the Master is 17.5mm.
So just like a see saw with a fat man and a skinny man but the skinny man moves towards the center instead of away, making the outcome predictable.
@Sasa will be able to confirm the size of the master cylinder but I doubt I am wrong;)

Solution would have been the cylinder sizes the other way round:cool:
ok, in practical terms this is money wasted and i should go back to the wire?
Have to find a master cylinder that is smaller, or a slave that is bigger.
if you compare the german slave and mine, the latter is already quite a bit bigger. i dont know how big the master is though.


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Black one is German?
I have seen some slaves that appear to be 20 mm piston, that would be better with a 17.5 master.
this one is perhaps listed as 20mm says 2 cm ;)
I have it at home so can strip and measure tonight.
The one I believe you bought is listed as 12.5mm.
Would make a lot of difference.


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i am confused, the master is down and the slave is up at the handle??
Master is the one you pull it makes the slave work
even a small Pic like this you can see the slave is skinny but so is the master, would not pay that much.


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thats what i thought, so the chinese guy in the advertising dept. mixed it up


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