Forced cooling

The supplier of the Oil cooler has reached out to me offering a Better deal for a larger quantity.

If some others are considering the same Mod as me then perhaps a better price can be sought, the fittings are cheap as is the Hose.
Define cheap for fittings: best deal I have found is 4/5€ per each banjo, adapter, AN6, etc.!

There are 8-10 of these things in my setup, that accounts already for 40/50€, more than the cooler itself! Hose is cheap though....

I had thought about making a kit with the larger one, proper flanges to hold it in place (with some protection) a fan and the pre made pipes, but costs are staking up and I don't think there would be a market for a 350+$ aftermarket oil cooler.

Other people with much more expensive bikes would probably shed that money, but 350+$ on a 5000$ bike? Not likely...
I can count 4 hose ends, 2 hoses ( about 0.5 meter).
The J platform seems to be devoid of an Oil Cooler :unsure:
Himalayan and the 650 have Prominent Coolers!