Used OEM Seats - for upholstery mods


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If anyone needs OEM front and rear seat elements taken from bikes that now use my long distance seat: I have a number of them. May come in handy for your own experiments with upholstery without risking your original seat.
Prices vary but are cheap (you basically just pay me for packing them and walking them to the PO) and shipping is around 30 Euros word wide.
With a Staple Gun and some Foams and contact Glue, you can do wonders,.
I have a touring Seat on one Bike that is comfortable for settling in for the ride and the other has a bodged up stock one! :)

I have cut and Sanded ( with a belt sander ) a Sportster solo seat foam and fitted to the oem base using the stock cover, man that stuff has stretch and is Hemmed with an elastic tape so you can just use a few staples it will hold.

Currently my Scramillion is fitted with a oem base and cover using part of a touring seat foam and layers of a softer Yoga matt sort of foam that sits me back into the seat and keep my balls from being rolled under me when I Brake heavily:ROFLMAO:

It was a messy job!


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