The "Powertronic V4" Maps Download (BS6/Euro5 only)

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This thread will be updated as better and more versatile maps get developed

This is NOT the PT4 discussion thread which you find HERE.

Our map files contain 2 maps (as is the rule for any PT map file) - of which only ONE (or both) may be modified.
All map files are ZIPPED for download protection. Unzip them before importing them to R-Tune.

The stock 411 Himalayan map for the PT4 as offered by Racedynamics: Download link

UPDATE: RD now offers a FIRMWARE UPDATE as well as a newer version of R-Tune 4 for download.

UPDATE: RD now offers a manual how to use R-tune 4 and a manual on how to do TPS calibration

Here is a link to the download page for PT4 software and accessories .

Link to generic PT4 manuals here.

You may also need to install this driver: (On Win11 it is needed!)


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Maps based on Sasa's theoretical input (that means no dyno runs or otherwise tests where done).

This is the ultimate PT V4 map for a 477cc plus HT-b camshaft (with open exhaust and air filter as well)
There are 2 maps in the map file (as always).
Map1 is the more conservative map that also retains the timing that Racedynamics deemed optimal (conservative).
Map2 is map1 with +7 fuel% added up to 5000 RPM and +4 fuel% added above 5000 RPM plus a more agressive timing as suggested by Sasa.
IMO map2 is the more fun map to ride with the full power this setup allows.

There seems to be a knocking problem in the 4600-5600 rpm range even with 95RON fuel.
We are working on fixing that.


  • Sasa modified map2 fuel + ign original map1 plus extended map2
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Download the installation manual and follow it to the T. There are pitfalls if you think you can do it "by intuition". The bad news is that the bike will still run but erratically and it may take you forever to find out why. Happened to me, can happen to you.

For the 2021 and onwards BS6 without choke the manual is HERE

Also: there is no manual if you want to do PT4 plus FuelX Pro on the same bike and again, there are pitfalls.
Call the support on Whatsapp +91 99162 29292 and they will guide you thru the process.
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Latest installment of Sasa optimized V4 map: Map1 was optimized (fuel and spark), map2 is the unchanged.


  • Sasa modified NEW map1 fuel +
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These maps are made by the importer of the red box for the 500cc Himalayan. I do not currently have a BS4 so I can't check them. There was very little explanation given along with them:

Its for 86mm
For 83.5 / 84 injection you need to make it leaner
Ignition curve all same


  • Red Box 500cc OEM
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