Swapping ECU for Carb


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Nov 1, 2022
11. June 2022, 20:07

Often mentioned, not so often discussed - whats it all about?
A) Why not:
  1. Annual or for BS3 6-monthly emission check: you may just ignore it - but if you don`t your bike if its a BS4 converted to carb will not pass a BS4 emission check (thats the whole point of those checks). Because you submit your REG they know its BS4
  2. The entire alternator in a carb model is different - they are incompatible to BS4
  3. If you keep the ECU it can still operate as ignition control unit. But the TPS will not give it any meaningfull information (tell me if I am wrong - thats just what I assume from those 2 very different TPS)
  4. You still have to change jets when going up or coming down from elevation
  5. Air box is different AFAIK
  6. What will the cat do? (OK, you throw it out - but then see point 1)
  1. Its cool and one has a story to tell
  2. Carb is cheaper to replace/repair
  3. Not hassle with maps if you upgrade to 477
Overall if had to choose I would sell the BS4 and get a good BS3 if I wanted carb. The next best option is the Hitch set.

In principle the only reason for ecu in none competition vehicles is emission nonsense. At least as far as bikes are concerned. If it wasnt for the fucked stator that keeps overheating and failing the carb Hima would be much better than the ecu version. In this light conversion via Hitch looks really sexy. Except the price. And the emission control.