Some time ago... Chennai - Helsinki


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6. October 2021, 17:01
Originally posted by Defender90
Now when travelling hopefully again is possible, hope you allow me to put here a teaser.
Peter Pan Bike, a company who arrange bike tours, arranged their 20y anniversary tour 2018, India - Finland. To their surprise 15 people signed up, so 2 groups. With Indian friends 17 RE Himalayan was bought and finally we flew down to Chennai to pick up our bikes and start our journey back home.
It was a quite hard trip, 65 days, 15000km but I strongly recommend such trip. One key element for the trip was the Himalayan, we travelled at 80 - 90 km/h so there was time to observe the beauty around us. Also everybody had similar bike, so speed was same.
RE reliability actually surprised me, we had very little technical problems; several punctures, 2 of them was factory fault, my rear tube was between the outer tyre and rim, one other bike had a spare valve cap inside front tyre. One throttle cable, one rear wheel bearing and one battery. That's all! We lost one engine, but I believe it was because of bad fuel and too high speeds riding in the Turkmenistan desert, it was really hot there.
We did some charity in India to support girls education, visited 2 schools. Enclosed please find a Youtube link, the language is Finnish, but pictures are international and our itinerary. Also leaflets about the charity run.