Resurrecting a wreck - 2016 carby Hima - is it worth it? **DIARY**

Almost done.
Foglights, Bosch horns, voltmeter + other smallish items still missing - do I need a different seat??


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Wicked, that Red Line is menacing, like a Red Back Spider, would take a while to work out the Tank is Bigger. is it bigger?
I wish mine came out looking like the end of a production line,
Seat looks great, your Butt may see it a different way :ROFLMAO: blind as it is, personally I dont like passengers ( ok some exceptions ) so that does not explain why both of my bike have pillion seats.:unsure:
the tank is stock size, just new paint. I have given up on the big tank issue after my big tank developed a bubble in the paint in spite of all the extra care during production, its just not worth the effort. I do regret we never got a sizable number of people interested in the manufactured big tank.
The seat as-is was on the bike. its a nice seat with extra cushion and leather cover but I probably still put one of my long distance seats on - just looks better and probably feels better too.
I had a look at the parts bill the other day and was SHOCKED. So far it is over 80,000 INR and that does NOT include stuff I already had in stock and stuff I sourced outside RE. The total bill with work will easily surpass one lakh rupees - about double what I anticipated. I will publish the exact numbers here as soon as I have the printed version in hand.
But one thing is already clear: unless you get a wreck for free it is not worth making it perfect again - as it is unlikely anyone will pay for the effort or even just the net costs - not counting the personal time involved. In other words: it no long is a valid business option. RE destroyed that once and for all.
This is an interesting thread- I DID get a Himalayan with a blown engine for free. It isn't a wreck (well, I don't think so...) but as well as a new barrel and head it needs all the wearing parts replaced plus a bit more- chain, sprockets, fork seals, tyres, handlebars, some wiring that got chewed by rats...
80,000INR = AU$1300 which is quite a bit less than what I expect to spend to get my bike running and registered.
At this point it's just an estimate, but it will be interesting to compare.
I have no real idea what a rebuilt Himalayan with 50,000km is worth in Australia as I have found no others with similar mileage for sale.
Not many for sale, and they attract good prices, you won't get one for a thousand bucks ( not likely but I did) they stay close to new price.
Not many for sale, and they attract good prices, you won't get one for a thousand bucks ( not likely but I did) they stay close to new price.
well Peter, you where at the right time at the right place - sheer luck and a very frustrated previous owner due to an unfortunate sidecar accident that literally "shattered his dreams". Those circumstances are hard to find again I guess :cautious:

80,000INR = AU$1300 which is quite a bit less than what I expect to spend to get my bike running and registered.

Of course my calculation is ONLY valid in India where a new Hima "on the road" is 2.6 Lakh (260.000 INR or 4,400 A$)
So a refurbished Hima can maybe get you 200.000 INR if done immaculately. The only reason I hope for a better result is that I am able to add considerable additional value - among them the 477 engine upgrade and ht-b performance cam. Or in this case even a 500cc engine.
Otherwise just the refurbishing would leave me with zero profit and quite possibly a loss. - here in India.

But in AUS you would not get the spares for 80.000 INR - even though the prices here went up 100% they are still half of what they cost in the "west".
I drove it the first time today - what a bloody rocket!! Sasa would call it "very torquy". And it does not even have the cam, just the 86mm piston.
I can only go to 60 kmh and 4000 rpm bc of fully restored engine (literally all parts new) - a few more weeks before I can give it a spin on the highway.
The price after I paid my dues today will be 2.5 lakh and I wont make any "reasonable" profit (if at all - I have not calculated the prices of the parts I added from outside RE)
I guess I suck as business person - but thats not exactly news either.
Surely you are doing this for fun and not for profit.
Well that's how it seems anyway :ROFLMAO:
21% increase in Displacement certainly gives it something, the how much extra is felt in the Butt as Torque, who knows how much that is 🤪
Was the Compression recorded .
@RCruiser could be the first to get a good result, although I suspect it could be me:)
30 FtLb and 32RWHP is my best from a year ago ( and not with good fueling like is now possible thanks to @Sasa and the RB ) so the bar is set,
Based on years of accrued information I think your Carby 500 will make 15% less HP than mine and Bobs about 7.5 to 10 % less.
After I broke it in and maybe add the cam I might just take it to the dyno in Delhi (not that shit one I was before - I heard there is another one, have to figure out where exactly) - then we can talk.
here is the invoice for all RE parts & labor, will list the other stuff in another post: (for those not in India: 80,000 INR is about 900 Euro)


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Externally sources items, prices in Euro:

70.- Tyre hugger
35.- Voltmeter
10.- 12V charging point
18.- Battery OFF switch
25.- Elevated handle bar
50.- Barkbusters
150.- Long distance saddle seat
300.- Conversion to "road design" (No side frames, light follows turn, no beak)
45.- Special "Bullet type" crash bar
25.- 2 x LED fog lights
50.- headlight LED
25.- Pair of car horns
18.- Quality mobile holder with USB
600.- 500cc cylinder/piston
100.- head refurbish
1,521.- Euro
750.- Euro The naked bike (including base engine rebuilt - not the head and the cylinder)
900.- Euro RE parts & labor
3,171.- Euro - cost of bike excl. insurance and RTO.
The dyno plan was cancelled. The only other dyno within reach here (250km) was speedmonks in Delhi and they gave up on that branch of their business.
So the Bragging Rights are Mine :)
It is pretty much irrelevant in that you would not have a stock bike to get a Base run so the numbers would not have much importance IMO.
But if my bike can gain X% then is stands to reason that a similar bike with the a similar configuration would do similar.

I would investigate alternative Dyno's here but again have no stock bike for a Base line so it would be a pointless exercise.

And Just like You and all the Rest, once we taste the Big Bore going back to 411 has little appeal.
the most important detail - at least fore me - is that you do not have a BS6. what I really need at this time is not a record breaking carby bike (although nice to have) but a PT map for the BS6.
Added the HT-b and now it kicks ass even more. Damn. And I did not even change the jetting OR the air flow. Just worked out of the box.
That is some balsam for my EFI tortured soul. Carby jey!!!
Keep the Front wheel on the ground ,lean forward if necessary :)
Great devices those C.V. Carburetor's😎
Keep the Front wheel on the ground ,lean forward if necessary :)
Great devices those C.V. Carburetor's😎
Never been a big fan of CV carbs, you actually have no direct control on the gas, rather rely on vacuum...

Keihin FCR flat on the other hands....