Regarding Hitchcocks cam for the J-engine


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I came across this review in another forum and I though it might be of interest to those who consider it:

I'm impressed by the enormous increase in torque (and thus power) above 3000rpm - it just shows how very conservative the original camshaft is. Thanks for posting it,

It's a shame, though, that the torque below 3000rpm is worse; I spend quite a lot of time at low revs and enjoy "riding the torque". I wonder if the reduction is noticeable.

Regarding the Hitchcocks dyno chart, it shows the effect of the new cam, cat-less exhaust and DNA cover combined, rather than just the cam alone. They've also started the graph's Y axis at 8 rather than 0, making the difference look greater than it really is.
So Hitchcocks play with the figures to make them look better, My Dyno charts are not BS. I get 48 percent without fudging figures.