Questions about the FuelX lite, Pro and their working with an added Powertronic


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This is the protocol of questions I asked the Racedynamics support:

[16:28, 10/02/2023] sam2019: A customer asked me what exactly is the difference between the fuelx and the fuelx pro. I know with pro you can choose 10 fuel amounts, 2 lean, 7 rich and one neutral. but how does the fuelx (none pro) determine how much fuel to add - and if it is automatic is it better than the pro for someone without much knowledge about engines?
[16:57, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: FuelX lite has a single autotune map. It Autotunes the engine to the best operational parameters, constantly monitoring, learning, and adapting to the engine condition as well as the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, altitude, riding style, and add-ons, etc. always ensuring the engine performs in the safest and most optimal zones, eliminating typical flat spot and jerkiness. That AFR is set by us. It is most useful for stock or very lightly modded vehicles.
In the pro version, the same process happens but the user can vary the fuel ratios for different needs. For motorsports or modified applications, such as Air filters and/or Exhausts, map 6 and above is recommended, depending on the state of tune and required fuel mixture range.
[16:58, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: We generally would recommend the Pro as it is future proof for the customer incase he decides to upgrade his exhaust and air filter etc
[16:59, 10/02/2023] sam2019: ok, thanx, we use pro on position 10 for our performance cam and it works great. I was wondering if fuelx lite would work as well. these bikes also have exhaust and air filter mods
[17:01, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: Lite will be limited for your requirement as you are running the big bore and full system exhaust right?
[17:02, 10/02/2023] sam2019: no big bore, just HT-b cam and powerage exhaust and Schorl air filter
[17:02, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: Would recommend the Pro for this set up
[17:03, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: As you will have the freedom to select the map based on the riders feedback and riding style
[17:02, 10/02/2023] sam2019: yes, of course but will the lite suffice or not?
[17:03, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: It will not
[17:03, 10/02/2023] sam2019: OK, thanx.
[17:03, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: as mentioned it will be limited by the Single map on the unit
[17:04, 10/02/2023] sam2019: another question: if I use the v4 PT on the big bore PLUS cam and exhaust and air filter - will adding a fuelx pro help MORE or does the PT already use the same mechanism as the Fuelx pro (O2 sensor cheat)?
[17:04, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: The Lite is for stock bikes or with slight mods done on the motorcycle
[17:05, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: FuelX will help you achieve even more refinement
[17:06, 10/02/2023] sam2019: so the PT does not influence the O2 sensor input?
[17:06, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: No sir, it is not connected to the O2/Lambda sensor on the bike if you check the harness
[17:07, 10/02/2023] sam2019: OK, thanx again - great answers, clarifying!
[17:07, 10/02/2023] Pritvi racedynamics: Most welcome!
To Clarify the post above, The function of the 2 devices are different, you were saying that they do the same thing and so, why would ,,etc etc.

Of course it is best to have both especially as this PT is seemingly a lesser unit than the Bs4 ( less inputs ) they sell both but not the Map

The subject of what the O2 sensor and the fuelx do has been covered previously in detail the PT also has been explained, I told you .;)