MUST READ: Regarding posting pictures


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Nov 1, 2022
This software allows 2 modi when it comes to pictures that are not in-line but uploaded thru the "attach files" function:

1) show as small version
2) show full size

I would like to suggest everybody ONLY uses the "small version" option - its bigger than a thumbnail so the content is recognizable and anyone who wants to see it full size only needs to click on it.
However if the uploader chooses "full size" as default display mode anybody interested in the thread has to download and - whats more important - have the full picture in his field of view the n-th time, whenever he revisits the thread - he already saw it, there is no sense in forcing him to see it again. - the page load is faster (yes, not everyone has fiber optics, I often have to deal with a VERY lousy 4G connection where I live that behaves more like a mediocre 3G connection) and more posts per page can be loaded. This is especially relevant if one uses a mobile to read the forum.

So please consider following this advice.