I bought a wreck


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I paid top rupees to buy a 2016 wreck of a BS3 Himalayan. The previous owner had driven it without oil (somehow these engines seem to loose oil without the rider knowing it, this is the 3rd case now). I have never seen such an amount of destruction, the liner is broken and the piston ripped from the Connecting rod. The piston is welded to the liner as well.
I plan to convert it to a 500cc bike - without any headaches regarding programming a ECU etc. Just add a new jet in the carb LOL.


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Why 500?
Why not 511cc use a Conti piston;)
Why 500?
Why not 511cc use a Conti piston;)
I wanted to use my existing 86mm piston. also: the engine has to be opened up for the new cranck, so the widening is quasi "free".
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