How much speed is too much? (top speed)


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1. July 2021, 18:01

IMO in a modern (read: not India) country with solid black top and few animals or bullock carts on highways the stock Hima is too slow. Pious crap aside, we are not in 1953 anymore where a VW Bug reaches 120kmh if you torture it. I have read all kinds of crappy stories in all the forums I occasionally read including those I am banded from writing in and you can find heroes telling you they went 140kmh on their Hima and react really bad if you doubt that. I owned 4. I have never reached above 120 kmh on a stock version. GPS measured. and that after lengthy acceleration. maybe I need to lose weight but the fact remains, many with pillions and luggage will surpass that weight.
I also never wanted to go faster than 110 because the engine really felt strained. 110 is the speed big trucks on highways go (limited to 100 but 10% over is usually ignored by the sheriff). that is a no fun scenario if you need to get somewhere using the "on road" part of the equation.
all that will not change with a race cam. but it will with more displacement and a 16 teeth sprocket. or a 6th gear (you wish!).
I also think (sorry Dool) that the front brake and the general structural design (frame, fork, swingarm, monoshock) are not made for speeds possible with HP in the over-30 range.
so ladies, the question if valves and heads and inlets and whatnot also need or should or even could be modified to gain more umpf is moot IMO. The Hima with 28 honest-to-god HP (not BHP) is the best you can get without having to think about optimizing the rest of the bike as well, if only for structural soundness.