Himalayan: new vs. used - what to buy (also: Euro4 vs. Euro5)


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This question comes up fairly often. Should I buy new or is used the better (more economical) option.
Disclaimer: This obviously is an "opinion piece" and your opinion may differ. We are all socialized (aka brainwashed) a bit different :)

If you live in the WEST (i.e. not in India and not in a developing country with very low labor charges) the Himalayan per se is a questionable choice. The overall quality is what one can expect for the low price, but that also means: if shit happens relatively often correcting it will be relatively expensive. Also: The availability of even often needed spares is not always certain and back-orders can take months (plural). That said - if your choice is firm and is in favor - then consider this:

Warranty - 2 Years - often needed but also often ignored because to use it means to wait for a lengthy claim process RE requires. Its often much faster to just pay for the repair especially if you need the bike for commuting etc.
Color pattern choices: The only real advantage over BS4 - the BS6 has many nice color schemes, the BS4 only 3 and they are boring.
New features - they are few compared to a BS4 and many are of questionable value. If you buy the current model used this does not apply but if you buy the older BS4 overall the BS4 is the better choice. The BS6 has a short side stand (can be purchased as spare and fitted to the BS4), a better rack (same: fits the BS4) BUT the wind shield has a different shape (many 3rd party replacements do not fit anymore) and the side frames are also different - the same goes for attachments to those, they wont fit anymore. BS6 has the "Tripper" navigation - but that is all but useless except as timepiece. And finally BS6 has the ECU glued to the throttle body - which makes it VERY hard to construct a "piggyback" ECU like the Powertronic because many sensors are now hidden within this construct. This is called "hardening" of the ECU against tampering - that is: tampering by YOU the OWNER. Decide for yourself if you like that or not!

ECU - if BS4 then easily exchanged for a programmable one (like ours) or a piggyback (like the Powertronic). If you only want a performance cam you can get away with the FuelX device for proper tuning, however if you want to go 477cc (or any other big bore) you must have a ECU extension or replacement. Good luck with that with the BS6. There is a new Powertronic Version 4 out for the BS6 but I have not been able to tune the 477 BS6 with it properly and Racedynamics who sells it offers no instructions, neither booklet nor online.
Price - you will get a low mileage BS4 for 25% less easily, even for up to 40% less. Now you can afford all the nice add-ons you want: Big Bore, tunable ECU, extra carrier and panniers, etc. etc. - all very useful stuff and in the final calculation you likely come out cheaper than a raw "new" bike.

There are a few more details here (with pictures)
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