GONE / Special offer BB complete kit


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There has been a severe accident with a BS4 that has the 477 83.5mm piston and cam and red box. the engine is unharmed (front damage mainly but frame too so a write off). I will sell the entire BB shebang including new gaskets and plugs 😎😍 for a mere
600 euro plus shipping (suggested retail 899). The bike has maybe 3000km run on this piston. probably less.
so no break-in!!

there is still a chance someone else will beat me to the punch, maybe 20% chance. If interested let me know asap via PM.
OK, thats cylinder, piston, rings, red box ECU, cam (either ht-b or ht-c), gaskets, swingarm plugs, 16 teeth sprocket.
OK, 599.- if you need the psychological carrot dangling!
Why the Price Drop :ROFLMAO:

Is it up for Wrecking? I could always use a stock Manifold.
no, I guess eventually it will be rebuilt to 411 and sold.