Droplinks to lower the bike - pros and cons


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3. July 2021, 3:53

I keep getting email questions about lowering the sitting position.
Of course our custom made droplinks would do that for a 4cm drop BUT:

When I tried the 4cm variant I found that the bike would touch ground in left curves much earlier due to the middle stand. this angle in the original configuration is already quite limited IMO. I weight 110KG with gear so lighter drivers may have better results but still.

A special seat like our long distance seat will give you 2cm less height. combine that with a pair of boots with 2cm heels and you get the same result without loosing one of the advantages the Hima has e.g. over the KTM adventure or the BMW 310 - namely ground clearance.
I actually enjoyed the bike more without the middle stand. However it is useful in many different circumstances so I re-attached it.