Coneset Bearings - good and cheap as well


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Anyone who has an older model Hima has seen those SKF India bearings rusty and deformed after only 10k km or so. It got a little better with the plastic cap RE graciously introduced after the complaints grew too noisy - but the bearings are still shit quality.

I used to import German SKF and of course they worked great and lasted forever - BUT that was a costly thing to do. Not only did the bearings cost 3 times of the Indian products - shipping and customs on top it was more like 5 times. The same holds true for any other name brand from the west that fits.

But by sheer coincidence I located these great Japan made quality bearings at the same price as the OEM RE ones - at I ordered a pair and will exchange them for the Indian ones in my new bike when it arrives.

NTN Bearing 30205 Tapered Roller Bearing Cone and Cup



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