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Jan 1, 2023
Staffordshire UK
Any thoughts appreciated. I started having electrical problems (clocks flashing, ignition light on all time and bike was eventually losing charge. Found black marks on rotor so replaced that (after also replacing regulator rectifier). Bike starts and ran fine, with battery and voltmeter showing constant 14.4 v, but ignition light still on all the time. Suggested could be fault held in memory of ecu. Changed with one from my other bike - now when switch on ignition get EML and ABS lights only on clocks (these go out when bike starts), but nothing else on clocks works. Same when switched ecu back. Have swapped clocks over but no change. Bike still starts and runs fine. No other changes made to bike recently - has good lithium battery (have also swapped this out and checked all connections). Am now at a loss as to where to go next?
for the none English natives here: what do you mean by "but nothing else on clocks works" what are the "clocks". you cant be talking about the clock on the tripper as yours must be a bs4 (changed ECU only possible on BS4).
also: check this:

Clock, Dial, Instrument cluster.
Could it be in the Wiring Loom around the steering head?
Sorry - should have been clearer. Nothing showing on instrument cluster - Speedo, tacho, fuel gauge, compass, back light not working - only lights coming on are EML and ABS lights which then go off on start up. Have checked all wiring visually including ignition and around headstock.
my mechanic says there is a fuse under the seat for this
ok, he says check plug/socket but i guess you did that. then exchange clocks,but you did that too. he never encountered this fault. because it happened after you worked on the alternator maybe some cable issues there?
Some parts of the Wiring harness are stressed/Too tight etc, hence the Relay faults , you can replace a Relay and introduce a Fault quite easily at the same time.
So back to checking Plugs etc.