Cam shaft magicians LOL


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22. July 2021, 14:58

OK, I did the work and went thru the first mention of the H. cam on the advertising forum to the last mention of ANY of the two.
Found nothing but opinions, nobody (except a member from our forum) had any hard data to support the official claims - both claim 4HP more (with a bit of BHP vs. HP variance).
There is not one shred of evidence that anyone gained 20% more power by using any of those cams. 20% more CAN be felt - we had 25% more on our (no replaced by 477) 450 piston and it was clearly perceivable.
In particular now that this obscure decompressor has been found to be rather useless and a possible reason for lousy idle (best case) or sudden loss of power (worst case) it seems IF one has to make a choice for a CAM it better be the TEC, they seem to be a lot more honest with what they do and how they get to their increase in power.
Although I used to be a big fan of Hitch in the past - this is almost a SCAM with a part worth 15 Euros (if you buy as a re-seller in India) then doing some minor changes to it - then re-labeling it as "performance" item and upping the sales price 2000% ... that deserves zero stars in my book. There has to be a limit in applying "lets take what the market will bear" even if mislead (by the likes of Voldemort - quote "So we've got cam options. Options are good") consumers fall for it.
No Mud, options are not good if some options are fake and no critical independent testing has been done!
I wonder if they will offer it again or if the "shortage" is a sign of some semblance of moral recovery.
There are possibilities that the TEC really gives a 20% gain if no other factors like working the head, valves, inlet, exhaust or even a reprogrammed PT does the same which would cut into the effectiveness of the cam. Dool's test in a few days will enlighten us.
But as with the H. cam - I am skeptical. There is nothing like more displacement if you want more real power - and I am not saying this because I sell more displacement (not only anyway) but because it is the truth! I could just as well copy the TEC here in India and sell it for half the price and still make a profit.