16 teeth sprocket


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477 Owner
30. August 2021, 3:59

For those who favor top speed over low speed torque: a 16 tooth sprocket will give you approx. 8% more top speed without hitting the red line (going over it is not recommended but would be possible with our new ECU and the delimiter off).
Our experience when we changed to 16 teeth was that a brand new chain is too short and we had to get a second one, extract one link and it was a lot of hassle and extra costs. However we guestimate that a sufficiently lengthened used chain would work, possibly after only a few thousand km of use because the missing length was only about half a link length.
The OEM chains are not the best but if you get them cheap from India on ebay they are worth the money. They do last up to around 25k and we change them "preemptively" at 20k.

the above is valid for 477 only. i would never put a 16 sprocket on a lame 411, rather sacrifice top speed for a 14.

Update: we now offer 16 teeth sprockets in our online shop.