This is why I put Brembo floating on my BS3 Hima


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Great explanation - and believe me, you feel the difference

yes, on the BS3 I have adapted the Brembo floating disk and caliper from the 535 Continental, on my BS6 I have adapted the Bybre system of the 650 Interceptor. In both cases I had to use the lower part of the respective fork as well so the angle of the wheel attachment is a little different but in driving I can not make out a difference.


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As one has to adapt the wheel hub from the donor bike and re spoke it to the Himalayan rim it is an expensive mod to do in the west, in india where parts are cheap it is doable.
Thank you for your reply Sam, I was hoping for a disc and calliper from another bike just to bolt on, but these Enfields seem to have every thing made specially for them. My old KTM300EXC had road wheels and discs from an Aprilia RS125, with only a calliper bracket to change.
You may still be successful in searching, I only looked at RE options.
I will look in to that, as I have a spare set of wheels with off road tyres fitted so have a disc to hand.