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This thread is ONLY for download links to the various maps.
The ECU/Maps/Software discussion is HERE.

How to properly swap maps on the RED BOX

This is the BS4 ECU that replaces the stock ECU (not a piggyback).
The software (same as on the CD) is here (click to download)
UPDATE: software now comes on USB stick but it is the same version

The software runs on all modern Windows OS - from XP (and probably even Win 2000 if you add usb support) to Win11.

The default maps that come with this ECU are as follows: as of the manufacturer they are meant for:
Map1: 500cc lean (can be used for 477)
Map2: 500cc rich (can be used for 477)
Map3: Stock 411: 5% leaner (high elevation setting)
Map4: Stock 411: 5% richer

These maps are not even close to being as optimized as ours so swap them as soon as possible.
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The original download link made available here lead to a corrupted map.
It is likely that is was uploaded in the wrong "mode" (as binary instead of ascii) which caused the corruption.

The map files are now ZIPPED to avoid this problem. The zip format is automatically recognized as binary for all upload sites. You have to unzip it to be able to use it!
The new windows version can unzip a file with the explorer, older version (XP and such) need a specific unzip program of which there are many available for free on the net.
I omitted the intermediary versions as they all peak with this final version:

Map version 5

This latest iteration stems from V4/V4.4 but it has been corrected and perfected using @dool's dyno runs with the 471 and with 443. If someone is interested I could make a post on how use dyno data to correct the map. The latest 443 runs have shined some light on timing trend, and these maps reflects that. previous T1 has been dropped in favor of a run in / break in map that also doubles as rain or off-road mode.

This file comes after very long testing on my bike, commuting to work, splitting lane through traffic, going traveling in the country side and the mountain (up to 2000m): T2 and T3 have collected together up to 1500kms in all conditions, from cruising gently to revving hard under sudden acceleration. T1 has 150km on it, it didn't require much more because under no circumstances will harm your engine. T4 hasn't been tested as it is an high altitude map and I cannot recreate the conditions here, but it's very similar to a map that has been already tested by Sam's customer in Leh region, so...

T1 and T2 are supposed to be used at low altitude and are meant for heavily modded bike (at least 477, free flowing filter and exhaust, better with cam). T1 could be used with 91RON fuel (needs testing though) while T2 and should be used with premium fuel (95+RON) or additives. Both are designed to provide AFR as close as possible to low 13s in every conditions. T1 has a very relaxed timing that doesn't stress the engine and provides a buttery smooth silky power delivery. T3 is a little leaner, little more relaxed (timing wise) than T2 and should be ok in mid altitude (up to 3000m) or for less modded bike. T4 is for higher altitudes (3000m+)

So here is the description of the map:

T1 - Run in mode (also rain mode / off-road mode) - This is the map that is supposed to be used during break in period. It provides plenty of fuel to cool down the engine and a very relaxed timing, to be gentle with the newly installed components. For already broken in engines, it provide a very gentle power delivery, it reminds a bit the mellow character of the stock bike, but with a strong and steady push to propel you forward. It his advisable to use this map also in torrid weather, when temperatures are above 38/40 °C as it avoid to overheat the engine.
  • Bike: heavily modded bike, 477+cc, free flowing exhaust and filters, cam.
  • Fuel: 95RON or additives, but (maybe) it could be used with 91RON as well. Needs testing.
  • Throttle response: smooth as a baby as
  • Timing: chill out baby...
  • Fueling: It's meant to give you a nearly constant AFR in the low 13s.
  • Acceleration: gentle but steady push
  • Power: a couple of horses have been sacrificed on the altar of kindness
  • Fuel economy: expect something between 26 and 28 km/l, depending on how heavy is your wrist...
  • Engine heat: Engine will stay very cool, thorughout the hottest days...
  • Side notes: relax and enjoy the panorama.
T2 - Sport mode -for those days when you feel you want to race the world. This map has very aggressive timing to make the bike very responsive and fun to ride and has plenty of fuel to go along with it. However cruise it with steady throttle and RPM and you'd be surprised of its fuel economy! This is meant to combine the best of both worlds power & efficiency. At times I still find it a bit too harsh in rideability for everyday rides and I tend to prefer T3 to this.
  • Bike: heavily modded bike, 477+cc, free flowing exhaust and filters, better with cam.
  • Fuel: 95RON minimum (premium) or additives
  • Throttle response: great
  • Timing: quite aggressive
  • Fueling: Simillar as T1, low 13s pretty much everywhere in teh map.
  • Acceleration: Quick and strong, roll the throttle to feel the powa!
  • Power: The highest you can expect, up to 7000RPM!
  • Fuel economy: probably in the high 25 / 26 km/l
  • Engine heat: you would feel some, I'd say better not use this map when it's boiling ouside..
    Side notes: this is the best map for power, but use it with discretion. I wouldn't keep it as my everyday ride map...

T3 - Normal mode - This is your workhorse, your daily commuting map, the best all-rounder! This has been finessed to provide the best riding experience. It won't be as powerful as T2, but you won't notice the difference, as the bike will feel very strong if you go WOT. Yet if driven with a mellow attitude it will surprise you with the "round" riding experience! This is my main map, use it basically everyday for everything...

  • Bike: modded bike, 477 is the bare minimum.
  • Fuel: 95RON minimum (premium) or additives
  • Throttle response: Less than T2 but still very enjoyable
  • Timing: A bit more relaxed than T1 to ride all day long without puttin any strain on the engine!
  • Fueling: This map is designed with higher efficiency in mind. AFR goal in the map is upper 13s (13.6/13.9), to keep the engine cool but crisp and ready, without using too much fuel.
  • Acceleration: Gentle but firm with small throttle aperture, twist the wrist and you'll feel a strong push forward!!!
  • Power: as Rolls Royce engineers used to say: power is sufficient
    Fuel economy: Very good, specially considering the performances! Expect up to 30km/l if you use it with a gentle wrist and cruise along b-roads!
  • Engine heat: Engine will stay cool as an Indu cow.
  • Side notes: this is a very good map to commute around town and out, get stuck in traffic etc. It should be well suited also for mid altitudes, up to 2500/3000m! Also: slap your old exhaust and pipe with kat and you should be good to go through emission testing!!!
T4 - Mountain mode - This is the map that any sherpa is dreaming about! This map
  • Bike: modded bike, 477 at high altitude! Could be used also for stock 411 with free flowing filter and exhaust and cam (to be tested though).
  • Fuel: 95RON but (maybe) it could be used with 91RON as well. Needs testing.
  • Throttle response: Adequate, enjoy the scenery we are not here for racing!
  • Timing: Relaxed (not stock relaxed obviously!) we are out of fuel and air here
  • Fueling: -6% at WOT and -9% at minimum throttle w.r.t. T2. Idling is affected as well!
  • Acceleration: Like good old days when you got the bike out of the dealer!!!
  • Power:Anything a stock Hima could do, but at 5000m!
  • Fuel economy: Very good (specially considering altitude!) almost on par with stock bike
  • Engine heat: Cool as the beautiful mountains around you.
    Side notes: Obviously this map hasn't been tested, Italy doesn't have many Kardung La I could go to, however this map is very similar with what Sam's guests have tested around Leh but with more grunt down low between 1300 and 2500 RPM. Hopefully someone would test that soon.
Filename: 477 EXPERIMENTAL MAP V5.0
There is now a version 6 of the 477 optimized set of maps - however Sasa who is the main developer of this map requires interested members to PM him with a download request - mainly to keep taps on who is using it and to nudge them to give feedback.
This is a "open source" undertaking by all 477/red ecu users and feeback is essential for any progress in this matter. So please comply and request the map via PM and let us know how it works for you (and your bike's configuration in general).
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Sasa says:
ATTENTION PLEASE, V6 is ready!!!

PLEASE remember to provide feedback and to properly upload the whole map (use send all) on the red box using the procedure in this post.
Your copy is NOT for redistribution, anyone who wants the map can ask directly to me. (via PM)
A lot of my and @Dool's time (and money in Peter's case) has been poured into this map, please respect our work and don't redistribute it without asking.
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