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4. June 2021, 18:40

A collection of videos that are mainly concerned with the Hima:

We had to take the manuals off-line because of legal threats by RE. Find out more here:

General Maintenance Tips & Stuff we came across on the Internet:

477cc customer support advisory:

It becomes increasingly more difficult to support riders of RE bikes in their desire to maintain their bikes themselves or even find out how they work.

RE has now threatened us with legal action if we do not take all their repair manuals and parts catalogues off-line. You can read the "cease and desist" letter here:

RE has ALSO in a separate action threatened the RE shop I work with with revoking his license if he continues to allow me to publish work done in his workshop as Youtube self-help video. That threat may be academic as he has no control over what videos I publish but this at least resulted in me not being able to do work at his premises that I otherwise would have so we both lose out, he on a paying customer and I because I have to pay rent for a location I can now do these self-help videos. I also have to look for a technician who is not affiliated to RE so he can not be pressured by those corporate types.

I am at a loss to understand what RE is thinking to gain by these almost to be called terrorist actions against their own customers.

If I had know about this earlier before getting heavily involved in RE product support I certainly would have opted for a more customer friendly company for my riding needs, e.g. in India alone: BMW, Honda, TVS, KTM, Java, and others.

Or to put it colloquially: Royal Enfield Sucks Big Time

Now the sheeple that are heavily controlled by their overseers aka moderators at the "adventure"rider forum will never find out about the ugly underbelly of this company. Nor about any other stuff that they should know about. But then again, ignorance is bliss.
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