SOLD // Black long distance seat at super discount *EU* only!


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We have made a special seat for a short guy who had problems with the regular design. Unfortunately the manufacturer screwed up a little bit and made the front foam part 1.5cm too long. Because of that a very strong push from the back is needed to put the seat in its place. Because of this the seat was rejected - a second person who already owns the regular version of this seat and who was asked to fit the seat found it hard but not impossible to fit it. He tried twice and succeeded twice within a minute to get the seat to snap correctly into the locking mechanism.

However as this IS a design flaw we offer this seat at a substantial discount of 100.- Euro below the regular price at only 149.- Euro plus shipping.

Because customs duty is already paid and the seat currently is in Germany only European customers are accepted.

Please PM me if you are interested.
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