Sidecars from India


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Prices are from 30.000 INR (ca 400 US$) to 88.000 INR (ca. 1000 US$) - but the latter is a complete restaurant on wheels!
never. if I want to get stuck in traffic I use a car
There is an entire thread on sidecars in the old forum by our ex-member oldphart. he has since moved on to other models ...

I will look into it. $400 for a sidecar is triple less of what I could get shattered one from the States...
I will look into it. $400 for a sidecar is triple less of what I could get shattered one from the States...
you are forgetting the shipping which will easily eat up the price advantage. check also with Dool, he may have one for sale :cool:
I had a Cozy, fitted it to a Sportster, came with fittings to a Bullet that clamped on, copy of a Stieb ?
They had a few models and good suspension and even Brakes on some. The Chrome plating is not good but otherwise very serviceable.
Not being a Vehicle it may be subject to different import laws.
OK for the money a 30l tank for the Hima costs I can get a sidecar then. Sam suggested to just pack a fuel canister instead of the pain that it is to get those two tanks together. Back to sidecars: would be able to get something decent not luxurious with a thousand USD? Maybe shipping included? Law here allows sidecars as long as you do not alter public order.
didnt you also get one with the second Hima you bought off the guy who crashed it?
Its a bit of a "Box" the chassis was designed for a CT110, has a Leaf Spring, with a track rod.
I dont get the sidecar crowd. Isnt it the advantage of a bike NOT to take up the space of a car? Among other things of course :cool::p
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Side Cars have had their day, I remember an old friend who had fitted a 3 adult sidecar to their Areil Square four, set off on summer holidays, it had a roof and windows.
With 2 Adults on the Bike and 2 adults and 2 kids in the Side Car plus luggage on the roof rack, Spokes started breaking and they had to limp home.
I see the usability for poor people. but as soon as you grow up and own a car ....
But then again there are sand buggies and tricycles and other near-useless car like vehicles as well. who am I to judge :rolleyes: :sneaky:
Even an Oldfart would be able to ride this first up
Dead set this is from Cozy side cars site, nice colour!
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probably illegal almost everywhere LOL
They had an advertising budget:confused:
This one from Kozy is $1750. Just got the quotation. Plus shipping and the rip off in the country of destination.