reinforced clutch / springs plus 20%


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A clutch spring kit for the Himalayan which brings plus 20% pressure on the friction discs. Due to the lever ratio only a mere 6% of additional hand force is needed on the lever.
The geometry , block height, number of windings and the wire diameter is identical as well as the overall length. The secret is the special spring steel which is non relaxating, so the spring keeps its initial shape.
Experience showed that already the IAT power sensor plus a 16T sprocket will bring the clutch to slippy behavior in high revs straight out so this might be a good option for the 477cc variant.

VAT only applies in the EU, rest of world is EU VAT free, this is 32,08€ ( -20% )
Shipment is up to 0.5kg: 13.-€ worldwide.
1 set is 135 grammes, so you can order up to 3 sets for 13.-€ shipment.

worldwide shipping:

clutch spring set +20%


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