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UPDATE: This article is OLD and describes the V3 Powertronic which is not available anymore. The V4 and V3 maps are INCOMPATIBLE.
V3 PT is orange, V4 PT has a black housing. The software is also different and incompatible.

Get R-tune software to modify maps here:
If you add your own map below please add a description to the link as for what the map does and for what driving conditions it is meant to be used.
  • what year bike
  • what connection used to PT (e.g. o2 sensor yes or no)
  • additional mods to the bike that change the performance (exhaust, airfilter, injectors, cams)
  • if you did a dyno a chart would be nice
You may also just email or whatsapp it to me and I do the uploading and will add your description as well.

This map: AFR about 12 to 1 in a 477 without modified camshaft but open air filter and exhaust:


filename: PeakHP1.r2map

And this is the 462 map. Its a good starting point for a 477 optimized version.


filename: BM7.5kminus 10.r2map

And this one produced 28 at the back wheel, 477cc with stock Cam and modded head.

A bit lean 3500 to 5500rpm:

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Racedynamics is now coming out with the "Version 4" of their product "Powertronic". Its now grey instead of orange and there seems to be a new version of R-tune coming with it. These PTs are for the new Euro 5 models across the board.
The also upped the price a whooping 20%.

They ARE available now but require the use of the a new software for which there is no manual or video. This software is NOT very intuitive IMO. I could not figure out how to use it (although I could figure out the old version for the most part).
Of course 411 owners can just use the PT4 "as is" without modifying the map but for a 477 those maps are useless (we checked!)

There is a Thread for the new PT4 and the Rtune4 HERE
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