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Occasionally and only for well established members here I do source RE parts - however the situation has deteriorated to the point where that has become a major headache. There is more than one "issue" with this:
  • It starts with the sluggish and unreliable order taking person here locally. There are actually 2 people, one who is responsible for communication with the company and one who is just entering data into the computer. Both are extremely unreliable in that you can ask them to order, even give them the part number and they confirm they will order it - but if you check after a week or so it has not been done. I do send order via whatsapp but still - there is no guarantee it will be done so it requires my permanent attention on this entry level which sucks (big time).
  • Then there is the money issue: because my dealership is a sinkhole for money (or in other words the owner throws money around in various RE unrelated projects many of which fail) so there is always a lack of cash - if the account in the RE spares department is not receiving the money associated with the order the order will not be filled. Its always pay-in-advance. If that happens nobody informs me and the order is not automatically re-issued once money is available again. So checking in after weeks is a must - another major headache because i do not remember all the nitty gritty little screws and stuff you guys ordered months ago.
  • Then there is the delay factor: Parts that we have in stock are easy - if they are pre-ordered (happens rarely for Hima parts, the bike is a sideline compared to the other models) then wait time may be few days or weeks, but if the part has to be order freshly - even if all works out in the order-it and pre-pay it department - RE still takes MONTHS to deliver. And it takes WEEKS to inform if a part is not available - and this information often does not reach me in a timely fashion.
  • Then there is the "we got it but we don't tell you" issue. The dealership receives parts almost daily, they get stocked in some totally confusing and disorganized way in some shelves which are mostly miss-labeled, so finding stuff is always an adventure and basically only 2 people have SOME intuitive knowledge where to look. That leads to stuff arriving but I am not informed and when asked often get the response "not yet received" although it is in fact already somewhere in that chaotic heap of parts.
  • Then there is the "pay off" aspect: I don't get paid for it or the "profit" is so neglectable in size that its not even close to being worth the running around. If I order a part locally that's a 25km turnaround drive - and if I have to go to one of the other shops it is more like 80km.
So long story short - only ask me if you have A LOT OF PATIENCE. I for my part will always inform you as soon as I get stuff so there is no need to bug me with "is it there already" questions. I will let you know asap anyway. Another aspect is the very long delivery time, from order to receiving it here - then shipment and customs on your side. If you order a part that will likely be needed by another customer then retracting is no issue - but if you order very special parts then you MUST accept and pay for them - no matter how late they arrive. I can not be held responsible for any delays.

OK, I guess just needed to clarify that :rolleyes:
Hello @sam2019 thanks for the clarification!

Still, we are my brake disks and brake lines? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

Just kidding, your help is much appreciated!
Things got worse: the ever useless Indian customs now checks outgoing parcels if the goods sent require an "export license".
Unfortunately most goods I send do require such a license (when will these monkeys ever learn that their economy will suffer if they make sending stuff they make out of the country harder). In any case a parcel to Germany sent in mid December was held in Delhi for inspection and I was never informed - so just by coincidence it was found out today. I am currently negotiating with Delhi customs to get it sent back to me but of course this adds stress and headache to the procedure so in the future no more shippings of spares from me.
Update: both parcels where released but with a hefty 2 month delay. as mentioned elsewhere I am working on obtaining an export license.
Update: The export license is now active, one big hindrance is gone. And I located a company that sells a lot (but not all) of the Hima parts online here in India (which is rare for OEM parts, RE has a firm hand on that usually). This also circumvents all the other problems I have with the disorganized parts delivery system locally. So I may be able to help with some stuff again.
I was asked if I can get cheap oil filters and brake pads. Yes I can BUT remember its a 20km turnaround trip to the shop and some 5km to the PO so the minimum order size should be approx 100 euros or more to make it worth my while. Its also better for you because the shipping will be much the same for parcels that contain more parts.
Practically that means you should order clutch disk plates and more expensive stuff, the oil filters are only 2 euros a pop. Best to maybe pool an order of consumables with friends who also drive Himas.