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Nov 1, 2022

Welcome to the Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners Forum​

If you already own a bike and/or are an old hand at traveling on two wheels please leave an introduction here, preferably with a picture of your ride or yourself or both or your dog/cat/parrot whatever...

It would also be nice if you could add a profile picture - its just nicer to look at and helps recognize the author of a message faster than reading his name.

It should be noted that we ARE primarily a technical information and hands-on practice oriented forum and not so much a "I was at suchandsuch location with suchandsuch people and we hand thisandthat for dinner" gossip platform like other forums are. Which does not mean you can't share special tours and destinations in the respective subforum and it also does not mean humor is illegal.

If you want to start a topic - by all means do! But please spend a few seconds to determine where it might fit in best so others who may look for it can successfully guess where to find it. If you miss - no big deal, I will simply move it to the respective subforum.

If you plan to lurk for a while that is fine too but do not forget that comunities like ours are kept alive by user input, and if nothing else you can always post about anything in our chat area "42" in "ten forward".

You will see that some members have different "status " flags. Their meaning should be self evident - but to explain further:

  • Guests can only read and they are not shown what new topics may be available
  • Member : anybody who has registered here - he has reading and writing rights - new topics are highlighted for him. Members who do not participate with at least one message within a given time frame (to be determined, likely 3 month) will be deleted after that time has passed.
  • Active Member : A member who has written at least one message.
  • Staff Member: Admins and Mods.
  • Distributors: people who sell you the stuff offers in their online shops - they especially have insights into issues regarding that product line.
  • 477 owner: members who have purchased the 477 set - they can be approached about their experiences and company independent feedback. One of the reasons this forum exists is to allow a wide variety of opinions and not shy away from negative issues out of misunderstood "company loyalty".
  • Developer: These are privileged members who have certain technical understandings that allow them to help us decide what products to offer or can point out pro and cons of such. The DevGroup subforums are not visible to regular members of this forum.
If you are a "477 owner" meaning you have a 477 set (on order or already mounted to your bike) I will add that flag if I remember it or recognize you from an earlier order. However, sometimes I just may not be aware of it if you ordered from one of our other distributors - in that case please PM me a reminder. Thank you!

If you want to address an individual member with an issue not of general interest then PLEASE use the PM function. Click on the member's name and then on "start conversation". The member will be informed that such message is waiting upon their next login.

And now: welcome again and have fun!

sam2019 + Dool
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Over time since 2016 I owned 6 Himas of which I still have 3. This was my first - pictures taken on the first trip to Leh with a Hima in 2017.
The group picture (I wasn't part of it) is from one of the usual mass events where a lead car with the luggage and repair crew is followed by bunch of tourists. In this case the Indian guy in the picture and the group's "guide" did not survive his rum addiction in the mornings (camouflaged with coffee) - I heard from the grapewine. It all adds to the adventure I guess ..:cool:


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