Meteor 350 goes 134 kmh GPS measured?


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Someone in the German RE forum claims his Meteor after changing to the HUNTER ECU now has a top speed of 134 kmh and that he measured it by GPS.
He claims his ODB showed 6850 rpm.
I doubt that very much.
I could not get my 500cc Meteor over 110kmh - which may be a PT mapping fault.

So what rpm would that bike have with a standard 15 sprocket in 5th gear at 134 kmh?

Stock Meteor gearing is 15/40 = 2.666:1
Rear wheel : 431.8 mm

Does anyone know the math?
Stock gearing on a Meteor 350 is 15/42 I believe.
At 134kmh it would be hitting about 6425RPM in ideal circumstances. You can check here:

Regarding your Meteor 500: There was a thread on the classicmotorworks forums regarding different serial numbers on hunter ECUs. Some Hunter ecus have seem to have a speed limiter and some don't. They were trying to find out which serial numbers were not limited. if I can find the thread I'll update this post.

Found it:
Thanx for the info! Funny enough, the guy who started the thread on classicmotorworks is also the guy who makes the 134kmh claim on the German forum.

About the gearing: I found both values, 40 and 42, online. I guess I have to get down to counting teeth myself :cool:
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42 it is!
Regarding my 500 - something is fundamentally wrong with this engine and I have not yet found out what. even a stock 350 runs 120 Vmax. mine does 105 (or 110 with a light rider). research is ongoing.
I am restoring the meteor to a new 350 cylinder and remove the powertronic. then with the 00187 ECU it should be identical to the one the German guy has. we will see how that works out.
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well, it did nothing. the Meteor in stock configuration except 00187 ECU and Powertronic with stock maps runs 110kmh. exactly what I would expect from a Meteor with none of the extras.
All this makes me feel happy I have a 2020 Himalayan ( 2 actually)
This one goes to 117 kmh gps and 120 kmh indicated



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this one also 120 indicated top



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I found one with 140, in the comments the rider says he is from Brazil and there is no limiter in those bikes and he is going downhill.
further there is no gps proof and I am inclined to believe the instruments are faulty rather than the bike has miraculous powers.

If you put meteor 350 top speed into YT search you get about 15 more tests and all show about 120 top speed unless downhill.
I want some of the little red flags they put on the handlebars, must be worth a few kph ;)