Identifying BS4 vs. BS6


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The second time now I have come across a bike that is registered in the official RTO document as BS6/Euro5 but has all the hallmarks of a BS4: No tripper, ECU seperate under the seat, the "old fashioned" TB.
One case I personally saw yesterday at my dealership. The owner showed me his plastic reg card that clearly stated BS6 - the other was a communication with a customer in some Asian country who wanted clarification as his docs also said BS6 but his bike had no tripper and also the ECU under the seat.
So either RE is cheating on the emission norms with those bikes OR they manged to fulfill them with the old configuration but then the question arises: why the new design?
In any case it seems the "old version" BS6 can be fitted with the ECU we currently test which is really the important point.
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