HT badmouthed at REowners


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Nov 1, 2022
6. April 2022, 10:06
Sometimes when I have a minute to get bored I google to check how we rank on that search engine. Pretty good in the meantime.
BUT while doing it I came across a review by some disgrunteled customer of mine who had purchased the tyre hugger some time last year. He received a package that was visibly damaged during transport but did not reject it and then asked me to pay the transport back to India - which I declined. He pointed out a few quite large scratches on the item which certainly wheren't there when I PERSONALLY packed it and furthermore claimed that no primer had been used. Now, I do the paint jobs myself so I know as a fact that the paint job was done using primer AND on top of it on the pictures he provided one could see the brown primer as well. Then he continued to complain about the welding. Again, I was present when the welding was done and it is fully sufficient for that kind of device. Of course a TIG weld would look better but we do not have TIG available so stick has to do (and it does very well - this weld is not loaded or has to hold any stress).
He then proceeded to tell Paypal a sob story. Paypal contacted me and after I presented proof of his bending of facts they decided in my favor (which is rare!). I though that was the end but no - about 2 month later I again received a message from Paypal that he now wanted 50 euro refund "to fix the problems".
You guys know me - I normally always decide in favor of the customer - but this guy just was too much. And sure enough, PP again decided in my favor. Now his last venue of retailiation was to spread his lies on the RE owners platform where I of course have no access and he could tell his fairytale unopposed.
Except, Roy Gawin at least pointed out that hitting someone who can not respond maybe is not the fine british way - thanx Roy!
They dont seem to like me either:cry: when I showed pics of the tec cam damage done in their Hardening Process ( admitted by them! ) they liked me less:p
Did you ever get reinstated at the advertising forum?
Insufficient Privaledges :whistle:
seriously they don't post much of interest unless you want to hear how one Yank warms up his bike while putting on his gloves again and again, the oft quoted advice that "it will get better with more Miles" and the guy who jumps in at any mentions of PT to Tell us how much of a hero he is and how PT is rubbish because it didn't fix his peice of shit that wasn't running properly before.
Rest of the time they show wildlife and scenery, never a decent Bike mod.

So not a loss on my side of the equation :sleep:
Well, after all this forum (or its predecessor) exists only because Eatmoremud, the "great leader" of both those forums kicked me for exposing the frame breaks of the Himas. So all is well that ends well. I will never understand why the sheep still read and write there knowing full well that the adventure rider AND the RE Owners forums have nothing to do with motorcycle enthusiasts and everything with ROI thru advertising and "supporter fees". If you expect advertising to be honest you need to repeat pre-school IMO. ;)
Some people do actually think advertising is information sharing:p
The Ad forum is slow, posts almost dried up, could be the " mid terms" đź‘ą