HT-b camshaft install video


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Nov 1, 2022
Originally posted by Blacklisted
18. February 2022, 5:19

A guide to the DIY installation of the Himalayan Tools HT-b camshaft.
Originally posted by Blacklisted
There is a trick to getting the rocker cover off, but I didn't mention it:
undo all the bolts, and turn the motor over. As the cam lifts the rockers, it pops the rocker cover, then a big screwdriver/lever can be used to ease it off the dowels.
Unfortunately Blacklisted seems to have lost interest in the Hima (or the forum) - what a great video!
Hitchcocks has just edited parts of the RE workshop manual as help for installing a cam which may be useful for people who like to read while they work instead of watching a video:


  • how to change the camshaft.pdf
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Unfortunately I believe he lost his Wife and is in a very Dark Place, Forums and Motorcycles are less important there perhaps?
And yes a Great Video as all the Videos he did that I saw were.
I look forward to having him back if he ever feels the need, I shudder to think how he feels.
5 thousand Veiws and Comments as recent as last week, a Talent!