How to properly swap maps on the RED BOX


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Here are the steps by step instructions:
  1. Hook up the laptop to your red box.
  2. Launch the software and establish the connection with the red box (don't need to start the bike or turn the key yet)
  3. Push "read all" and you should get all the values of the maps populated with the data stored in the Red Box.
  4. Save this file! Use file>save as and store the file on your computer! If anything goes wrong, you'll always have a backup that is known to work! :)
  5. Don't load the new map file yet!!!
  6. Go to "Options" tab and read the two values TPS Voltage (min) / TPS Voltage (max). Write these values somewhere
  7. Now you can load the file I sent you. The values should change if you're still in the "Options" tab.
  8. Don't do "send all" yet!!!
  9. Go to "Options" tab again and overwrite the two values TPS Voltage (min) / TPS Voltage (max) with the values you've stored before. Side note: these values are bike specific and change from bike to bike. This is the reason why when you load a new map you need to do a "Learn Throttle Valve" procedure. Changing the values manually has the same effect, provided you've done the "Learn Throttle Value" procedure on the previous map! :)
  10. Once the values at point 9 have been changed, click "Send All" to write all the data into the red box!
  11. Turn on the key of the bike (don't start the bike, just the ignition!)
  12. While still in the "Option" tab do this check: read the value in the yellow box of the picture below, without touching the throttle, and see if it corresponds to the value in the blue box (it should, maybe there could be a 0.01V difference, that is acceptable). If not, replace the value in the blue box with the one you see in the yellow box below the throttle gauge! Now twist the throttle completely open (Engine has to be OFF!!!) and keep it open. Read the value in the yellow box and see if it corresponds to the red box. If not, change the value in the red box. After changing the values, push "send current", so the new data will be sent to the red box!

  13. Congrats, you've properly uploaded a new map! :cool::cool: