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Nov 1, 2022
12. April 2021, 4:59

Going thru the various groups I often see this question posted, should I buy new or used, this year or last year.
New: Nothing speaks for new except social programming - for that reason alone it "feels good" to buy new. BUT: you lose 20-30% value right there (depending on taxes levied by the state you live in) and yes, you get warranty and this may be a good point for enemies of the DIY approach but one of the strong features of the Hima specifically which sets it positively apart from Japanese or German bikes it its ease of maintenance. If you do not exploit that to the max you miss 50% of the Hima-appeal.
Also what makes a bike YOUR bike - basically the modification you add. Those cost money (generally). So what do you like more, a bike that looks like stock - a bike anyone could own - or YOUR bike that is recognized as such. So the 20 or so % you save on getting a almost new bike is better spent on FARKLE:
Also, the more and more rigid emission norms lead to leaner, hotter, less efficient engine design with a lot of add-ons you could do without from a pure riding perspective. If its right or wrong to include small motorcycle engine with those laws in the face of trucks and container ships is a political question but one thing is clear, older bikes have less of those restrictions.
My verdict is clear: find a used, well maintained bike and make it your own!
What do you think?


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