Farkles galore - with a few disclaimers


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20. October 2021, 19:49
I think these guys did a great job upgrading their bike, especially considering it happened basically from the get-go.
  • I would NOT use a LI battery - they are too relying on warm temperatures (where I drive it gets to minus 15 where this type of battery would simply die).
  • The foodpeg thing is a bit over the top - but if needed RE itself offers bigger pegs (that are plug and play) that I use on all of my bikes.
  • The barkbuster clones (see other thread here) do the same job - for a lot less, especially as they seemingly had to add some self made pieces to make them fit.
  • The OEM chain lasts over 25,000km - used in heavy terrain in the mountains. Changing it on the grounds of reliability seems unnecessary, especially if you consider you get 4 or 5 OEM for one of the high priced Japanese chains. Its cheaper to change them preemptively at 20.000.
  • The bash plate does its job. If it gets dented take it off and hammer it into shape. I only had to do this after 30,000km.
But the rest makes a lot of sense although their luggage solution is very specific to their needs.