even with 108 you can still ride a BMW

I was once offered a BMW dealership, fkn hard to believe but true, it would have involved buying the Test equipment that The Distributor offered that was necessary ( so they said) for testing the New ( at that time ) K75's and K100"s fuel injection systems.
I reconned that as there was no future in Fuel Injection and I could perform the Test with a Multi Meter that spending sht loads of money on a Fancy BMW/Bosch fuel system tester that the Importer ( Motts of Welshpool ) wanted to sell me was Stoopid, not sure what I think about that decision now:(
I was young:oops:
but only this one

Although I'm pretty fond of selfdriven cars for long commute (you can do many other things, while being carried by a computer to your destination), I find this an abomination. In my eye the motorcycle is there for the pleasure of riding, take that out and you're left with a scarely and instable machine, exposed to the elements and without proper protection...
Yes motorcycles are completely insane vehicles from the self-conservation point of view, but the pleasure of riding them and the emotions is what keep us buying and riding them... there is no point in them without it...
As mentioned in the video this is a data collecting platform. I understand the desire of BMW to save their test riders healthā€¦
I bought a Single wheel scooter with Gyroscopic control, it didnt ride itself! and It would have killed me Im sure, sits in the shed gathering dust and is no longer a threat šŸ˜Ž