Carburetor conversion from EFI


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Nov 1, 2022
13. June 2021, 2:44

Customer email question:

Hi everybody.
I have a question: I like carburetors and currently the market only offers EFI versions of the Himalayan, at least where I live. I was looking at the Hitchcock conversion kit:
the price is OK but I am a bit confused because further research on the web lead to ambiguous information. e.g. the EFI version has a very different electrical system, the stator/rotor system is different and normally a EFI stator will not fit a carburetor version of the Himalayan.
I am thinking the Hitchcock version continues to use the EFI electronic to guide ignition timing and only the injectors are replaced by a carburetor. Also there seem to be subtle differences in the fuel tank design and other electrical components, e.g. the EFI warning light - how does that react to the change.
I would appreciate any help with this.

That is a very good question and I do not know the answer.
Hopefully someone else here can be more helpful.
However, years ago when the 500cc Bullet was not available as carb model any more many people attempted to convert the new EFI to carb (reasons be problems with fuel pumps and general reluctance to use new and unknown tech in a low tech environment) and none of the ones I tried ever ran satisfactorily.
Even entire fleets of rental bullets where converted - but they never worked as good as the genuine carb models of earlier years.
I do not know why - however it made no difference at the time if a professionally supplied "conversion kit" was used or just parts purchased from the dealership.

Actually I took it to Hitchcock who has an excellent customer service and usually answers request for clarification within one day - and they did it again, I quote:

Hello, You are correct, we run the standard EFI stator on our carb conversions for the Himalayan, you do not need to swap this or even remove the cover. The ECU is retained and this still controls the ignition through the crank pick up and a new TPS on the carburetor. We supply a fuel tank adapter which goes in place of the fuel pump as opposed to replacing the tank.
As with all of this, there is always more than one way to achieve a conversion like this, but to use the carburetor version petrol tank, stator and wiring loom obviously add a significant cost and more complex installation for no real benefit. You can see the fitting instructions online, and this may help show how it works more clearly:
Hope this helps. Regards, Dan
The trick here is that you do NOT get a OEM carb but one with an adapted TPS. That is needed to work with the ECU governed ignition system.

And he is right, although the H. conversion kit is more expensive than a regular conversion with all the stuff he mentions like wiring, tank, etc. done in India by a RE workshop - this would not be true for the rest of the world where work hours are much more expensive and parts also.

actually if you did it 100% right and also changed the instrument panel which even in India costs round about 150 pounds THEN the H. conversions is cheaper even in India.
Once it was going back to good old reliable Carbies, now its going back to good old Bs4, gotta love EFI ( hating it is wasted energy )
Carbies are good, so were floppy discs.