Battery woes : not charging when running


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Nov 1, 2022
6. June 2021, 12:29

If anyone here experiences the same here is the rundown:
Always check fuses first - the charger fuse is in differing places depending on model - but there is one and if it is burnt you found your faulty part!
Then decide if you have carb or EFI: if carb look at your alternator - this is the most common second cause (after fuse) for none charging. Is the color deep brown - then it is likely burnt.
If you have EFI your alternator is very likely not the cause (never heard a EFI alternator go bad) - look at the RR Unit, part no 587356/c, page 80 in the parts catalog.
I may repeat myself - but the most important item to be added to a carb Hima is a voltmeter, it can be a life saver because your alternator dies slowly - so if you see your voltage go below 14V with LED headlights burning or below 13V with a regular headlight on - then its time to switch off the light and head straight to a workshop! Make sure they have the part - many do not.
Your battery is small - once the alternator burns out you have only 1-2 hours left depending on the state of your battery. Do not stop the engine until you reach the workshop. Every new start will drain the battery without any recharging afterwards.
This is a good explanation vid on the different types in the market: