Order Your Labeled Clothing

This service is a bit of a hobby thing. Do not expect SPEEDY DELIVERY* and not all options may be available. I will however let you know if something is or is not available before you pay.

Only pay after availability has been verified by me please.


  • T-shirts and Polo shirts are 45.- Euros
  • Hoodies with or without zipper are 65.- Euros
  • Shipping is 15.- Euros world wide everywhere – and regardless of number of items.
    If you order along with anything from our technical selection the shipping is free.
  • If you want more than 5 items ask for a discount (25%-35% depending on number ordered)
  • If you have a complex order, e.g. one hoody plus 2 different t-shirts and a couple of round logos it is easier to write me a message outlining the order.
  • If I have your address on file just fill in the required fields (name, email and phone).

*This is the sequence of events: You order, we then order your item at amazon and it is sent to the embroider, he does his job, then sends it to us, we then send it to you. This is India, everything takes more time than in the west. Expect 4 weeks or more.

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