Mandatory Intro Message

Hi there and welcome!


This forum has various access levels – and your ability to read or write in them depends on your engagement in the forum. Some less than intelligent people have taken that as a sign for a conspiracy and that we want to “hide” stuff. Of course that is stupid. The thing is we are not an “advertising forum” like the “adventure rider” or the “RE Owners” both of which bombard the visitor with paid for ads. Of course for them everyone seeing their pages is a click and a penny in the box. We find that annoying and can live without such distractions. What we can also live without is lurkers. It is absolutely OK to register and stay in the background for a while to find out if the themes and interactions fit one’s interests. However, if no messages are written for a full month after registration the admin will delete the account.

Guests can read the news/entertaining/market sections but only members can read the technical section. Only if you own a 477 and are doing most of the work around your bike yourself can you read the development sections that deal with new tech and issues. Then there is a special access section for distributors.


Currently we are experiencing an enormous influx of spam attemps. This is a small forum and only one person so far “cleans it up”. This issue creates a lot of uneccessary work for this person.

To help with that we now require everyone registering here to write a brief welcome message in the “Welcome to the Show” section. It does not have to be long (though it may!) and should at least contain some reference to your motorcycle experience. A spammer would likely not take the trouble to fake that and if a very few do – I will find out soon enough and kick them ๐Ÿ™‚

So please unless you have already done so: click here and type away…

I will delete all registrations with zero messages after a grace period so please do not wait too long.

Thank you all for joining and helping to keep this a spam free zone!