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In German "Tripper" is colloquial for "Gonorrhoea" and of course the jokes about this gimmick are aimed at that. Its not quite as annoying as a real STD - but close.

Nobody loves the app either - with a 2.6 evaluation (out of 5) its worse than the average spam loaded selfie app: tripper app

Some are erroneously assuming the tripper instrument has something to do with a GPS receiver - no sir, that would be too much a step up from the COMPASS - it is ONLY a display that displays what  google maps would show you in much more useful detail ON YOUR PHONE. But it needs your phone, and google maps, so it has all the weaknesses of google maps, e.g. it fails without good internet connection and is SLOW.

You are a very small amount of money and 10 minutes installation time away from a real GPS in the shape of your mobile in a mobile holder mounted to your handlebar (or elsewhere in sight).

Finally is it at least useful? well, no. Even if you do not consider the time it takes to link it to your mobile and then make sure your mobile stays within reach of the bluetooth - in a semi critical situation, e.g. the road splits in two in a small angle (happens in cities all the time) the arrow will not show you which one to take - so you are again dependent on other means of making the decision (ask a pedestrian?). But that is so stupid - so get the 20 bucks holder and be done with this clownery of Royal enfield's "we need to mark up the bike, lets add something shiny but useless...".

The connection is via bluetooth and reportedly at times the tripper display looses it in tunnels - which means full stop, switch the engine off, then on again and re-initialise this glorious device.

OK, one good use it DOES have - the display of the TIME in the speedo is too small for me - the Tripper -if not connected to a gps- shows the time much bigger. if it could display system voltage and maybe even the oil temperature - whow - but let's not go overboard, this is Royal Enfield where spineless brainless creativity-devoid idiots with only one goal in mind - profit optimization - make the design choices.

one out of 5 stars - for time display

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So you didn't like it Sam?

The silly thing about it using Google Maps is that it's difficult to create a route unless you want to go the way Google wants you to do. People like me who are wandering around on the 'road less travelled' and who are more interested in dirt than bitumen find it a pain. There are ways around it of course but.. And if you have a bluetooth headset, Google Maps will give you verbal instructions anyway, and more useful ones than a mere arrow, though the damned thing does talk too much.

And people are waiting to buy this model here, simply because it's somehow better and got the tripper.

an afterthought: me being a long-distance rider (I go 12h per day and longer to reach a destination) my phone needs charging while it serves as GPS navi. But with tripper you do not have a mobile holder that supplies the USB port or at the very least you need a long cable to get to your pocket where you carry your phone from whatever extra USB you use - it so much easier to use a dedicated holder with attached USB port or even (for the latest phone models) one with wireless charging.

So basically you need a USB port or 2, the Tripper is about as useful as the Compass.

Thats Engineering for you, I cant fathom the mindset of someone waiting for this Marvel of Digital wizardry, when they have a Mobile phone.

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I've got two books of Country Fire Service maps in my pannier. I don't need no stinkin' 'lectronics  😎

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