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Tee Shirt

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Pretty sure I was expecting a Tee Shirt when I signed up for the ADV forum ( never got one or a Mag !).

So Sam what about it ? do they make Tee shirts in India, could we organize something?

Bet better than the one I never got from ADV!

You want a Himalayan-Tools t-shirt or a Himalayan-Forum t-shirt or a 477 Rocket t-shirt?


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Now its getting Better.


Or is that being Greedy?

The Rocket 477  then, I've Got a H-T Hat !

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MEMBER (or is this too harley-ish?)


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The t-shirts that are not simple photo print (which means an ugly square in the middle of the shirt) require a minimum order of 50 - and even the cheap ones are 5 euro a pop.

considering 4 sizes and 3 designs that comes to 600 shirts or 3000 euro. hey, if you want to start a t-shirt business I'll buy a few but I wont be willing to invest that kind of money.

OK, another idea: embroidering is quite cheap in India. A t-shirt with any of the 3 themes would be something like 30 Euro but it would also be a unique specimen.

If you are interested let me know the size and the motive. Size should be one larger than your normal as Indian sizes tend to be too small. e.g. in India XXL really is XL.

I do not know how long it will take, likely 2 weeks or so but it will be done. shipping for one shirt is likely another 15 Euro (2 would be 20 Euro and 3 25 Euro).


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Please use the contact form to order your t-shirt (give size, color, neck shape and motive and your shipping address with phone). If you order more than one state the number you want.


T-shirts selection panel:

  • Round neck: You can ONLY select the colors white, bright red, dark red, black
  • V neck: only available in dark green and black
  • please  select size, color and neck shape
  • specify motive: company logo, rocket or member
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Special edition "DYNO"


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