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SOLD // ANOTHER Red long distance seat discounted

People seem to be spoiled by the likes of AMAZON where you can change your mind any time if you ordered something. We usually do NOT support this but rather a "done deal" policy - you ordered it, you paid it - its yours!

However if someone has purchased a whole lot from us we are lenient and so it happens that another red seat becomes available for a reduced price. What is it with red that people change their minds?

Again we offer a red seat for only 166.- Euro plus 49.- Euro shipping by postal services (EMS is crazy expensive for those oversized articles).

The pictures are of the previously sold red seat but this one looks like his identical twin.

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  • 20211105_072501.jpg
  • 20211105_072451.jpg
  • 20211105_072411.jpg

I highly recommend this to anyone with the Rock Red color Himalayan. The match isn't perfect but adding more red to the bike really helps the existing red stand out.

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