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RE and Hima QC issues

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The Himalayan has indeed a long history of QC issues. Reporting on some got me banned form 3 different Forums if you can believe it (Religion anyone?).

Many where fixed with the advent of the BS4 in 2018 after RE was showered with customer complaints and even lawsuits (a rare event in India) some of which where won by the customer (even rarer in India).

In the good old tradition of "what do we care about people who already gave us their money" RE focused on PR and advertising and very little on customer care - though they never fail to mention it.

Good thing I can not be banned from my own forum so here goes:

BS3: all bikes with carburetor: the Stator, made by Ducati India, was shit from the get-go. On extended high speed travels it would burn out and that with clockwork regularity. We always have a spare on board when we travel. The issue was fixed for the BS4 EFI models but never for the BS3 who's owners to this day have to live with this shitty part.

The worst thing remains the breaking off of the head/steering assy from the main frame. I have seen so many bikes debilitated by this it is not funny. Of some I did take photos and I even conducted 2 interviews, both on YT, with repair shops and tour operators who dealt with this issue. Because it was mainly newer bikes showing this (2018 and 2019 model year) and 2020 season did not happen because covid it is still open for discussion if this was ever fixed. It certainly was never officially recognized by RE who actually never officially recognizes any fuckups they make. Its a company policy. However what they did do was blackmail tour operators (I know 2 of them personally, one in India, one in Nepal) not to ever divulge this issue officially or RE would not exchange their trashy frames on warranty.

The steering stem issue was also never really taken care of. Yes, small improvements are there with a top and bottom shielding gasket/cap now available but the steering is still the one part that has to be maintained the most - often including full bearing exchange and proper greasing.

Talking about greasing: many bikes when factory new have not been properly packed with good grease (or any grease) at relevant stations like the droplinks, the interlink to the swingarm and the swingarm itself. And of course the steering.

The batteries are shit. Some people have to change them yearly. They are also too small - in particular as this bike has no kickstart. To make matters worse the internal clock and the gear indicator are on permanent plus meaning they suck the small battery empty in a few weeks or even days if its an older battery or it was not full when parked. So get a voltmeter and look at it often ...

While not a quality issue I still have to ask why RE decided on a very uncommon tyre size for this bike. as a result it is hard to find good tyres in India unless one changes the wheel rim size or at least the width.

I hear the front brake of the 2021 model BS6 is better, I hope this is true. The older models have inferior front brakes - that is why we exchanged them on ours for real Brembo floating.

Have EFI? make sure you have a 2020 fuel pump or at least know a dealer who stocks one. The old ones broke often.

The Hima is still an interesting bike and the reason it is as cheap as it is seems in direct relation to the quality one can expect to find. You get what you pay for! And yes, the 650 is a different story. But it also costs 50% more. And it is a totally different bike, zero off road.

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I have lifted this off the US fb group because the admin there has blocked comments on this. At least he did not follow Voldemort and deleted it. But it remains interesting none the less and maybe we can get some feedback from our Indian friends who read here. I have to say I have never heard of this failure before and as such in looks suspiciously like a failure on the side of the owner but who knows:

Welp! My love for Royal Enfield is over! The dealer just contacted me and said that both bikes have scored Pistons and they will not warranty them because we did our own maintenance and they're telling me I didn't have enough oil in them. Even though I checked every night and the level was where the manual said it should have been. I did maintenance in both bikes before the trip and checked every evening!
I am pissed. Those bikes aren't even 3 months old and just under 6000 miles.
My partner and I were on a 2 week cross country to Glacier National Park from WV. All back roads, no excessive speeds. We were on day 7 in the middle of nowhere Montana and within 20 miles of each other they died.

Now the common understanding in the fb thread is that the owner fucked up. It seems too unlikely that 2 bikes have the exact same flaw. However, unless the owners are BOTH complete idiots and never checked oil it seems unlikely - and they say they did, every day even.

Now if these bikes had been purchased from different dealers in different states or at vastly different times I would concur. BUT if they come from the same batch - I would not. It even seems likely that the same error was made on the production site on those bikes. Given the overall QC issues with these bikes it seems a definite possibility. I mean we have seen differing diameter in the Engine block openings and head failures that where fixed on warranty. why not a cylinder/piston fuckup.

this is supported by what the owners say (unless they lie of course):

My partner does his own maintenance and I do mine. Separately. And we have both had other motorcycles with thousands of miles that we do our own maintenance on, never seen issue. Cars with hundreds of thousands of miles and we maintain them ourselves also. No issues

what do you think.

Given the low low price of spare parts it may have been a good policy by RE to just fix the problem without making a big fuss - but then again, that is exactly how RE does NOT function. As soon as one is in their net and has paid up the milking is the only target - customer "support" in the original sense of the word is an unknown by RE as I personally have proven multiple times now.


Probably flogged the guts out of them at high speeds, Customers Bleet but dont always tell the whole story.

Might be a Signal to take it to the Dealer.

3 months and 6000 miles! they have done well, I just hit 5000kms after 18 months!


And 5 Pistons 4 Barrels 3 Cams and still counting.

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Quote from Dool on 29. July 2021, 10:12

And 5 Pistons 4 Barrels 3 Cams and still counting.

thats what you get for being a developer  😎

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I was not thinking of taking it to the Dealer, Ive probably got more spares than them anyhow.

RE are going to bring out better version of the Himma and we are going to so Sad that ours is not the new one!

Why do people who already have a great little motobike care what the friggen Manufacturer does next?

Does it mean your a Dill for buying yours because they bring something new to market?

I was looking a the revision list for the BS6 or whatever its called , check it out yourself on page 12 you will find almost every fault requires a new Throttle body to be fitted! , I kid you not, even the Cranc sensor fault needs a new Throttle body, its obviously some sort of misprint but shows  a disregard for your intelligence if you read it.

The new Model has TRipper Navigation, WOW!, Im selling mine now and buying the new one so I dont get lost, and the Switchable ABS, how did we ever live without it ?, Not to mention its got Hazard Lights, another good reason to sell your old out of date Bike and upgrade to the new model, do it quick before they bring out a newer one!

New vehicles are designed that way to keep you in debt, Yes they want your money on a regular basis and if you fall for the Hype you may even end up Leasing it from them so you can have a new Model at all times, That would be success( for the banks and the manufacturers ) but not you!

Rant, inspired by the adv forum posts on this subject, over.

another one bites the dust. what is really surprising is that the members of this illustrious forum (try to become a member there, do it just for fun... its easier to join the Illuminati!) are all surprised to see such a thing when there are videos (plural) on YT that show many such incidents, 2 of the vids made by me!

but aparently Voldemort aka Eatmoremud is not a member - or else this would have been deleted right away LOL


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Further into that story it seems the Guy gets a call from the RE fixer who handles complaints only after a good round of negative publicity.

Hate to say it but there needs to be a Death in a country like the US where they know how to take Legal action, like "Diesel Gate" a fine of a couple of Billion US $ would get them to correct their ways.

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Just looked over the responses to your post on the advertising forum and it leaves me with the impression that everybody on that forum (our members excluded) deserves the kind of quality postings you get to enjoy there.

CaptainTrips: Old news. The BS4++ versions have improved welds.

no sir, they are the ones with the most breaks in the head section. 80% are from 2018. and what is a BS4++?? these idots just write shit they make up while they smoke something? apart from that only a minority of cases have bad welds, in most cases the material (frame steel) is too weak as you can clearly see: ripped frame upper beam.

DoctorT: Seen these before but it was from 2015 before the bikes were exported around the world. The factory was shut down for 8 weeks to sort the problem out. These pictures are usually posted by scaremongers or newbies.

What a dumb arse. really. newbie? I drive bikes since 50 years sir. I also drove one of the first Himas in north India. Bloody moron. scaremongers? this is a potentially lethal design or built flaw.  and of course, like all the others, he got his "facts" all wrong. The factory shut down after the BS3 was terminated and in preparation for the BS4 - yes, many flaws where corrected (e.g. broken swingarms !!!, electrical and brake system flaws, engine head flaws etc.) - but this particular frame head breaking appeared first in the 2019 season. Before this frames would break but in other places, e.g. left and right the triangle under the seat. So again, no sir, not before the bikes where exportet. right in the middle of the export. But on the advertising forum facts mean nothing as long as eatmoremuds policies of "keep the RE name clean" are supported. Bunch of braindead clowns.

at least one guy showed some humor and i guess signs of intelligence:

Squeezy: Aaaargh! Eeeek! Scary! This is what Sam-who-must-not-be-mentioned was banging on about forever until everybody told him it didn't happen any more.
If you're out there, Sam, you were right!

Take advice from this well informed group at your own risk to life and limb.

This "DoctorT" character is not only the worst, he is "liked" by Eatmoremud.

instead of fact checking (easy, google it and my vids come up right there) he INSISTS that his bullshit is in fact correct:

DoctorT: What am saying is that the pictures come from 2015, not 2018. They just raise their ugly head from time to time

In 2015 the Hima did not exist. It was released in 2016.
I have documented one case where out of a fleet of 15 bikes THREE had broken frame heads. I also documented that one repair shop had seen TEN bikes in 3 short month with the same affliction. ALL of this in the 2019 season with mostly made in 2018 bikes. Since I made the vids (in 2019) a few more cases have come to light AND two tour operators with multiple frame breaks told me they could "not talk about it publicly or RE would deny them warranty claims on those breaks". Somehow believable if one reads this latest story. RE really sucks when it comes to taking responsibility for their fuckups.





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