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Quick Throttle

I was thinking about making a quicker Throttle to assist in Pulling Wheelies, so I bought this cheap throttle twist tube with changeable wheels. Turns out its a bit short, I havent got a spare Grip and I decide to modify mine instead thinking it may be easier.

Ill find out tomorrow if it was a waste of time!

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Success I would say, the throttle feels the same but just pulls the last  half of the throttle on without requiring so much Wrist action. 😉

you have a link for that gimmick? looks interesting, I might adapt ...

Can not find where I bought it! Ironically it could have gone with the Oiler.

It is easy I think to just adapt the original, I would call it a Rotary Lever, your increasing the Diameter to get more movement, I used a Staple but a piece of plastic like a wedge in the slot will do the same.


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I have had a quick throttle on 3 of my previous Motorcycles, it's indeed a fun little thing. I infact bought two sets (by mistake) of it for the Himalayan, but never came about installing one. Now that my Motorcycle is sorted and you have led the way Mr. Peter (@dool ), I think I might just do it on my Himalayan.

I bought mine from U.S (Nibbi Racing), sadly no good ones were available in India then. However, fortunately for Gunnar LRL motors now sells one, albeit not the same type as Mr. Peter.

@sam2019, the only place you will find a good quick throttle in India is on LRL motors website. Other than that many local market shops in Delhi have them.

Uma racing Quick Throttle kit with Push Button Self Start Switch - Universal type

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That one looks very nice. it is easy to modify the original but that one Looks the part!

SoBa has a garage sale, so I am getting his.

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