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Powertronic Replacement Part 2 - Status: Ongoing Testing

I hope to find out soon enough, I dont hold much hope though. I think Maps is not the correct word.

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No to get too much OT I have created this topic for the fuelX discussion

This Replacement ECU ( providing it fits your Model ) is going to make you very happy, because it has Complete Control over the System. The Idle will be stronger and not Erratic because it is not trying to Strangle the emissions, this ECU works for YOU not the EU.

I quickly installed a unit today and the Bike fired up and ran great and Idled well, I took it down the Freeway, didnt really get the hand of the different maps but for it to come out of the box and just plug and Go was a Treat in itself.

Had to swap back to the OEM ECU and PT for tomorrows Dyno run 10 minute job ( with previous AirBox Delete)

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Having given a Glowingly good report on these I must inform that I have some to sell so , perhaps do your own research and take what I say with a pinch of Salt.

Seriously you will want one, installation time is negligible compared to a Piggy Back system.




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Regarding the option to make a replacement ECU for this euro5 or bs6 hima: prospects look dim. here is an article from the german group I translated:

After the question arose whether the IAT tricking cable also fits the EURO5 and I wanted to meet with Michael Krämer for the purpose of installation Michael has found in the circuit diagram that the new has no IAT sensor. ... I didn't want to believe it at first but that made me do some more research:
Due to the latest EURO5 emission regulations, the Himalayan engines now run even leaner than before and would actually need the small controlled fuel enrichment achieved by IAT tricking even more urgently than the EURO4 version.
The problem here is the legislator:
With the new emissions restrictions that will apply to new registrations from 2021 it is a legal requirement that all sensors are monitored, manufacturers are obliged to install monitoring systems in the ECU and ensure that they display a warning in the dashboard if one of the sensors has signs of tampering.
Royal Enfield has dropped the IAT ( temperature sensor in the airbox ) in addition to a different ECU and seems to be using the modified cat as well as a different Lambda sensor setup to create the new even stricter exhaust emissions plus increased "tamper proof". ( well let's see 😀 )
Now good advice is expensive as they say, even the previous Powertronic modifications no longer work.
Maybe there is sometime yet a way directly into the ECU ... or an intelligent lambda probe modification that changes the injection amount so that stable concentricity and good pull from the basement are possible again.
In addition: Who is the manufacturer of the new ECU? ( hopefully not Keihin )
I'm curious, let's follow the topic ... and guard your EURO4 !

Translated with (free version)

This does not appear to be good news, especially so If you have the latest version, anti Tampering may be good for the EU but it will make a Lean Bike even Leaner.

There will be ways around it of course, in time.

Displacement still works 😉

Some one will come up with a work around, it may just take a while.