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Old Phart's Himalayan sidecar project

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Seeing @dool posts workshop stories, here's mine from today. Andย  you want me to fit a big bore kit to my bike ย ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I changed the sidecar wheel bearing today. Just a common or garden type trailer wheel and bearing... so I had to make it hard work.
The wheel nuts are some odd size that's not on my wheel brace, so I had to use my socket set. Gee, and I threw out an old imperial wheel brace when I moved here because 'I'd never need it again'.
Wheel off, dust cover off, it was time to remove the split pin. This took well over an hour and a frantic phone call to a mate.
The wheel nut came off but it was spanner all the way thank you.
A quick pull on the hub... and it didn't budge a bit. A heavier tug and it landed on my feet.
Then the routine of cleaning off grease and sorting out bearings and cleaning off grease and... cleaning off more grease.
The bearing had been growling and the reason was soon obvious - the 'grease' at the back was brown and the bearing shell had a large mark for every one of the rollers. Okay, maybe it did need replacing.
Now, to get the bearing shells out of the hub. I knew the theory of course, but...
For starters, all I had to work on was an ancient Work Mate that my Dad used to use. The four feet are buggered and so it would walk all over my rear courtyard every time I hit something. I put a screwdriver down the hole, found the top of the bearing shell, and started bashing. They took a fair bit of getting out, but nothing scary... until I cleaned up the grease and saw the marks I'd made in the hub.
Another call to me mate.
That was friday night. Parts all cleaned. Tools put away. Bearings bagged.
First thing Satdy, up to CBC. Showed the bloke the old bits, he frowned, reached for a yellowing and mangled parts catalogue, flicked through it, frowned, called over his offsider, they turned their backs to me while they pawed through the catalogue, looking over their shoulders at me from time to time. Then brought me the bad news...
Actually, it was nothing like that. I gave the old bearings to the CBC bloke, he looked at them, disappeared out the back and returned with a box containing a full bearing kit. $26. The hardest part was getting their eftpost machine to work.
So I headed off to me mate's.. and got there just as he was backing out the driveway. Fortunately he was just turning the car around so he could hook up the trailer and load a bike. Whew.
A touch up with the Dremel cleaned up the marks I'd made in the hub.
He ground a bit off my old bearing shells to use as we drove in the new shells (just made them easier to get out) - I couldn't have done that because I don't have a grinder.
We bashed in the bearing shells - I couldn't have done that at home easily because I've got nothing to bash on, it would have been on the ground.
I greased up the bearings... and made a hash of it so he rescued me.
Grease put in places that would never have occurred to me so it paid off having an experienced bloke helping.
Everything assembled, I innocently asked about adjustment, and he kindly jacked up his boat trailer and pulled the nut off one of his wheel bearings to give me a lesson.
Back home, I did what every good home mechanic does, I went inside and had lunch and a cup of tea. When I could avoid it no longer, I tossed the cat off my lap and went back out to the job.
The hub, being assembled, went on easily enough, though the axle pushed the front wheel bearing out and onto the ground. A quick clean up addressed that. I did up the nut, using the spanner all the way because it wouldn't spin on with my fingers and refitted the tyre so I had something to hang onto.
Next job, simply do up the nut to the correct tension. Hah! I couldn't do it up till it stopped the wheel, but I could do it up so there was a little drag, backed it off so I could see the split pin hole whereupon the drag disappeared. Yes, I spun and wriggled the wheel to settle everything.
I proceeded to try to put the split pin in. It wouldn't go would it. So I tried the old one. It didn't want to go. So I tapped it through... well half way where it stopped until I hit the damned thing and got it through with no sign of old grease to suggest why it was binding, and then had to get it out again. Let's just say that it took a bit. I guess I could have used it but I had this nice new one to hand.
Eventually the old pin was out, I inserted the new one... and had to tap it through with the hammer, bent the ends, bit of grease in the dust cap, put the dust cap on and the job was done... apart from lowering the jack, tightening up the nuts, cleaning grease off everything, putting everything away.
Sheesh. Time for a beer... but there were none in the fridge, so another cup of tea.
Thus ended how you take a one hour job and turn it into a six hour job spread over two workshops. But at least that bearing won't growl at me any more (yes, you could hear it as you rode up the road)
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Nice new tonneau cover made for the sidecar.



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Is It Cat Proof?

If I hit the cat hard enough ย ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


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All it needs now is a bigger heart. ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I took the bag of cats (sidecar) out to Garden Island today. Admittedly, not a long trip (a humongous 30 kms) but I was able to travel at 60 for most of it and up to 80 in a couple of places. I even handled a few 60 km/hr left hand sweepers without a drama (those are the scary ones because you're turning towards the sidecar and the wheel can lift - how long before I forget and get one wrong).
I'm happier with the back end leaping around on bumps. It's very responsive to camber but I now just automatically lean to keep it straight. A couple of heavy stops.
Blimey, at this rate, I'll be a competent sidecar driver in... oh... a decade or two ๐Ÿ˜น

I can hear the cat howling from across the ditch. The !!! side car has to go, I am not getting enough attention. What does dad think he is doing.

Watch out the cat does have a go at your nice new cover.ย  Good job getting it sorted.

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Last Saturday, a mate and I took a ride to Port Gawler He was on his Royal Enfield Himalayan, I was on my Himalayan outfit. My first big ride on the outfit, my first on dirt (actually, pot holed, corrugated and just plain rough crushed limestone). Also my first time on the highway - she sits on 110 km/hr happily, just as she used to as a solo.ย 
She's a ripper little outfit.
Good ride. Great company. Great day all round.ย 

I can't wait for the big bore kit.

Now you are just showing off ๐Ÿ˜€

Any Lamp posts along the way?

Does it pull? Did your arms hurt at the end.

can't wait for the big bore kit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes you can ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

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