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Octane rating for the 477

Quote from Reddy on 14. September 2021, 14:47

With compression of 200 Whats The Fuel Octane rating You Recomend ?

we have 200 psi on the regular 477 - I have not measured the big head yet but great idea, will do next time I am in the shop.

Our bikes all run normal indian fuel, sometimes I purchase 2 of these small pouches with engine cleaner, they are cheap and seem to work. No knocking so far except in low gear uphil when the engine gets very stressed.

Officially this is from May 2021:

with the monumental challenge of switching to low-sulphur fuels during the transition to BS6, the oil industry had decided to stick to 91 octane.

but I also see this:

Indian Oil has introduced its XP95 branded high octane petrol. Indian Oil Corporation’s Chairman, Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, said, "From May 1, we will be launching XP95 and about 30 percent of Indian Oil retail outlets will be selling this."

so I guess we are running 91 most of the time.


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I can say my personal experience with RON.

95 RON suffices for anything which doesn't ask you to revv. But just incase you do feel the urge to take the rpms towards the redlines in top gear, 99RON helps.

I normally choose to run on 95RON shell vpower + STP Racing Series octane booster. (7ml per litre of Petrol)

Or I just use HP power99 (99RON). The motorcycle feels best with this, but the wallet doesn't feel so good 🥲

What about pump octane for the riders in the US? My RE manual definitely has conflicting info for the 411. But our octane rating system is different than just about everywhere else.

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That is not the only thing Different to the rest of the world  😆