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long timer

Hello everybody

as a long timer , i had made some big rides

crossing Africa on a XT in 80

Greece before + northern EU on a 125

Bulgaria and suburbs on a himalayan in 19'

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Welcome - yeah the XT was a great machine, still is. Super reliable and just right with power vs. weight.


If an XT can do it then a Himma with a 477 kit should do it, be more comfortable and still a simple motorcycle.

Hello guys .

TO be straight : i used to ride a XT in the 70/80 then a tenere ...

I came back to trails on a DRZ 400

then i bought a himmie , very confident in it

My second bike is more trails oriented : a CRF 450 L

The Himmie is the modern XT

The CRF is the new DZ/XR

have nice rides

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Quote from ex-xt on 15. June 2021, 20:35

The Himmie is the modern XT

If it had the power of the old XT I would agree.

well, with the 477 engine and the Hitchcock cam it may get there ...

it would have been too boring for RE to make a 410cc engine with 30 HP right out of the box I think  👿

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This is only a joke, mates. On tracks, torque ans suspension are morz important.

Ans thé frame of him' ils excellent. I can ride un sand ans rocks much I confirme..50 years of riding...


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Hello, did you modify anything on your bike?

If you find syntactical or grammatical or spelling errors you may keep and pet them. If it is technically incorrect what I sayd, please tell me.
Quote from ex-xt on 16. June 2021, 7:06

Ans thé frame of him' ils excellent.

as long as it does not break ... the design is excellent, the execution is dangerous. thats why my bikes have reinforced frames.

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I found that video quite a while back. Only now did i realize it was your bike 🙂