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Lies and Dyno Graphs, Well I know I havent got the Reputation that H and T have, the Bottom Line is where their Tricks are Played.

4 Charts. only one is mine and it shows the 3 different Cams ie, T is red H is Blue and OEM green. Ive shown it before but it requires clarification, Not everybody can read charts it seems.

The chart next to mine is H 462 compared to 411 see the Bottom Line , it is in Graduations of 250 rpm ( mine is 1000rpm , yes 4 times!), shows 2 HP and 1.5 FtLbs Less than the 477, so 477 is good 😉

The chart under mine is T and it shows a whole lot of Crap that would have the average ( cant read charts ) person thinking that T makes 29HP which is way more than Mine !

It also indicates ( states ) a Torque of 28.9 which appears to be about 1.4 FtLbs more than the the 477 with stock Cam.

Here is the Catch, T chart shows BHP and therefore needs about 4 or 5 HP taken from its Peake HP figure to make it correlate to the other charts which show RWHP.

That makes it about 25 RWHP and that is less than I have recorded with Stock cam and head on the 477.

Tecs chart shows Peake Torque of 28.9 where H shows on the 411 a Torque of only 18 ! WOW T Cam is GOOD.

Anybody who believes that T increased the Torque by such a factor has been taken for a ride, By the Experts!

Now I am not calling out any Bullshit here from the BIG companies because I know the fight has already been lost and I have things to do.

But it seems to me that Sheeple are all to ready to swallow any amount of bull from the Big Boys while assuming I know F/All because they cant Read the Charts, I can Read and from what I read the T cam is actually not as good as the BV head recently tested if compared to their Chart once it has been converted to RWHP.

Have a Look , the Sky isnt Falling.


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Next Dyno Runs are, Tuesday 16 Nov,  30 Nov and 14 December.

So while the 477 is sitting on a Scissor Jack I will run the 411 and a H-T Cam and ECU or FuelX, whichever is easiest, No good on the Standard Fueling I would expect.

So we start at 22RWHP and aim for the Stars, only need 3HP to get to the Top.

I expect More !  ( I would like more, Time will tell)

Quote from Dool on 1. November 2021, 5:09

Lies and Dyno Graphs, Well I know I havent got the Reputation that H and T have, the Bottom Line is where their Tricks are Played…

in my opinion You are Exactly right, the best comparable ones are the ones you are measuring on the same bike with the same dyno… still searching for the rev limiter or at least more torque over 5000 revs/min

To get some realistic numbers I calculated like that for the T-Graph: if his stock-himma has 24.5 REAR WHEEL (mine has it at the engine, hopefully) and my transmission,clutch and chain are loosing about 10% all together, mine has ca. 22.5 rear wheel hp,

so if his has 17% more power (or call it slightly more torque at significantly higher revs, that’s pretty much all), mine won’t hit 26.5 rear wheel hp, but fourth gear may be in use again while gaining highway top speed

As long as there is no dyno (dynojet type like yours) mentioned on a chart, I always do calculations like that because I am also owner of a tuned 12 hp (base) Vespa that had gained 10 km/h while staying at 9.7 rear wheel hp… lesson learned from piaggio I think

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If you find syntactical or grammatical or spelling errors you may keep and pet them. If it is technically incorrect what I sayd, please tell me.

This is an Email from a Happy Customer of mine in Oztraylia, He is 72, not on social media and still enjoys His Bike!

Now I need to contact his Mate and sell him the Big Bore and see who wins 😀

Hi Peter

Re:  New Cam for a 2020 RE Himalayan fitted with a new 16-tooth front sprocket

I had prompt service from Peter from order to delivery - spot on.

The new cam is now fitted and bedded in.  First impressions (from this 72 year old basic seat of the pants rider) is that the bike runs smoother.

Roll-on test up to 80Ks not much in it, however at a 100ks roll-on and the new cam comes into its own, plus on the hills where I had previously to change down to fourth gear, I can now ride up in fifth.

So far I haven't been over 5000 rpm



PS  please feel free to reproduce any of the above.

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Back thieving things off the net I just grabbed this from YNW and This Guy Knows ( see the ecu didnt do crap until he cracked The Critical bits )  so this is for real.

"Often over looked is the fact that a cam change will often need the timing advance to be re-curved to get the full benefit. Changing just a cam normally ( will ? ) not see that big a difference."

This is the cold Hard Truth, not always easy to swallow, but the Experts I know tell me the same, and shake their heads telling of the guys that just want do "this " bit , but not Rest of it.

Yes it can be done but Why 🙄  It wont be the Same ( as Mine 😀 ) 😆 


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